What kind of features do prepaid phone plans include? Here’s a complete breakdown of what you can expect to get should you decide to get one…

Not so long ago, prepaid phone plans were very basic. Need calls and text message ability? Great, they’d do that but not much else.

And this is why they tended to be used by people that either didn’t like using smartphones or were drug dealers or international spies like Jason Bourne.

But in recent years, the smartphone has become almost ubiquitous – everyone from your best friend to your grandma has one. And they’re all now fully accustomed to having and using mobile data.

The prepaid phone plan market is also a HUGE money spinner for carriers and MVNOs too, as more and more people, thanks to insane levels of inflation and the cost of living crisis, are now looking to reduce their monthly costs.

So, what’s the deal with prepaid phone plans? What do you actually get with them? Are they worth it? In this guide, we’ll cover everything you DO and DO NOT get with a prepaid phone plan.

By the end, you’ll know if switching to a prepaid phone plan makes sense for you.

Prepaid Phone Plan Features

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Here’s a quick overview of the kind of features you can expect to get access to on the best prepaid phone plans right now.

Of course, the features listed below will vary depending on the plan you eventually decide to go with – all plans are different. This is just an overview of the most common features included in most prepaid plans.

Things Included In Most Prepaid Phone Plans

  • Data allowance: Prepaid phone plans offer a range of data allowances, from limited high-speed data (e.g., 1GB or 2GB) to unlimited data options.
  • Talk and text: Plans typically include a certain number of talk minutes and texts or provide unlimited talk and text options.
  • 5G access: Some prepaid plans offer access to 5G networks at no additional cost.
  • Mobile hotspot: Certain plans allow users to share their mobile data with other devices by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Network coverage: Prepaid phone plans operate on various carrier networks, offering different levels of coverage and data speeds.
  • International calling: Some plans include international calling features, either as part of the base plan or as an add-on service.
  • Access to streaming services: A few prepaid plans offer access to streaming services as an additional feature or perk.
  • No contractual obligations: One of the main benefits of prepaid plans is the flexibility to switch carriers or plans without being locked into a long-term contract.
  • Monthly pricing: Prepaid phone plans have monthly fees that can range from as low as $10 to over $60, depending on the features and allowances included.
  • Additional features: Some plans may offer extras such as roaming capabilities, cloud storage, or device insurance, either as part of the base plan or as optional add-ons.’

How To Choose The Right Prepaid Phone Plan

Before choosing a prepaid phone plan it is worth having a think about what you actually need from one.

Do you need unlimited data? Do you want the fastest possible 5G connectivity available via ultra wide-band networks or are you okay with just standard 5G? You’ll also want to think about international calling too, if you have family that live aboard.

Here’s a helpful checklist to go through before committing to a prepaid phone plan. If you have answers to the majority of these things, you’ll quickly be able to find a great prepaid plan that’ll save you money and keep your phone up and running from here on out.

Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing the Right Prepaid Phone Plan
Assess Your usage Patterns:
– Data: Determine monthly data usage by checking past phone bills or device settings
– Talk and text: Consider monthly talk minutes and texts used
Identify Important Features:
– 5G access: Decide if 5G network access is necessary
– Mobile hotspot: Determine the need for mobile hotspot capabilities
– International calling: Consider the importance of international calling features
– Additional features: Evaluate the significance of streaming services, cloud storage, or device insurance
Evaluate Network Coverage:
– Check carrier network coverage maps for reliable service in your area and frequently visited locations
– Consider carrier data speeds and their impact on overall experience
Set a budget:
– Determine the monthly budget for a prepaid phone plan
– Keep in mind that cheaper plans may have limitations on data, talk and text, or network coverage

What Are 2023’s Best Prepaid Phone Plans?

Now that you know what to look for, check out the best prepaid plans for 2023 – we’ve included options for all budgets and data requirements.

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