Wanna take a screenshot on the Moto G Stylus? Follow this guide – it’s super simple once you know how!

How To Take Screenshot on Moto G Stylus

Method #1

How To Screenshot on Moto G StylusPin

  • To capture a screenshot on the Moto G Stylus simply press the POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons at the same time.
  • You should hear a CLICK; this means the screenshot has been captured.

Method #2

  • Press and hold the POWER button, wait a moment. An option should come up on the screen for screenshot, as well as restart and power-down.
  • Click SCREENSHOT to take a screenshot of what’s on your display

What To Do With Captured Screenshots

Now that you have your screenshot, you need to decide what to do with it. You can edit screenshots really easily on the Moto G Stylus, so when you do send or share the captured image it will look smarter.

All screenshots captured on the Moto G Stylus will be automatically saved to your Google Photos app. However, you will be presented with the following options as soon as the screenshot is captured:

  • EDIT

From inside the Google Photos app, you can open and preview the screenshot as well as edit it. You’ll want to probably edit it as well; that way, you can remove your phone’s top menu from the image.

As you can see, it’s pretty simple to take a screenshot on the Moto G Stylus. You have two methods for doing it, although I generally prefer to use the first method as it is quicker and feels more intuitive to me.

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