How To Use Google Photos LIKE A PRO (Tips & Tricks For Gifs, Slideshows…)

By Michael Grothaus •  Updated: 07/08/19 •  5 min read

Google Photos is almost four years old. It was unveiled in May 2015 after being spun out from Google’s failed social network, Google+. Thankfully, Google Photos has fared much better than its parent. In May, 2018, Google announced Photos had over half a billion users and those users were uploading 1.2 billion photos A DAY. Google Photos is heavily tied into the Android ecosystem. It works in much the same way as Apple’s Photos app works: by automatically uploading all the pictures you take on your smartphone and storing them online for safe keeping.

Google Photos Hidden Features & Abilities

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Google Photos is a great solution for the non-pro’s out there. It makes storage and organization of your pics easy, and while it’s not a Photoshop replacement, it’s got some simple and useful editing tools. But beyond simple editing and organising, there are some hidden features in Google Photos that many users don’t know about. Here are some of our favorites.

Google Photos: How To Create Animated GIFs

One of the coolest hidden features of Google Photos is the ability to turn your pictures into animated GIF images. To do this is really easy and straightforward:

Find Your Google Photos Faster (With Search…)

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Google is a search company. We all know that. But The Big G has brought smart search to its Google Photos application, so you can find photos in an instant.

How it works is simple: say you’re looking for pictures of dogs in your Google Photos app. All you have to do is type in Dog in the search bar of the application, and Google’s machine learning AI will isolate and find pictures of dogs from your Google Photos feed.

Simple, right? It’s a great feature that’ll save you loads of time. You can do the search for anything as well; faces, places, times and dates. Even locations, which is ideal for finding all your holiday snaps quickly.

Google Photos: How To Turn Your Photos Into A Collage

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A Google Photos Collage of My Dog, Bojack!

Google Photos also gives you the ability to merge multiple pictures into a single collage. This will join them all together in a single image. It’s quite a cool tool as you can then use this single image of multiple photos and share it to social media sites like Instagram. To create a collage:

Google Photos: Create A Slideshow

Another out of the way–but an extremely useful feature–of Google Photos is the ability to turn any Google Photos folder or album into a slideshow. It’s deceptively simple how easy it is to do this, which is why so many people look right over it. To create a slideshow in Google Photos:

Google Photos: Quickly Download All Your Photos

While it’s nice to have all our photos backed up online, you may come to a time when you want to download all your Google Photos so you can save them locally, or just remove all your pics from Google’s servers altogether. Luckily, Google makes it very easy to download all of your pics. Here’s how:

And here’s How To Download Photos From An iPhone To A PC!

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