Need to restart your Pixel 7? Don’t know how? No worries, here’s a quick guide on how to restart the Pixel 7…

The Google Pixel 7, which launched alongside the Pixel 7 Pro, comes packed with numerous features and improvements. As with any piece of technology, though, there may be instances where you need to restart or reset the device.

Whether it’s due to a minor glitch, an app acting up, or just routine maintenance, knowing how to restart your Google Pixel 7 is a handy piece of knowledge.

This article will guide you through the steps on how to restart the Google Pixel 7.

Step-by-Step Guide to Restart Your Google Pixel 7

The process to restart your Google Pixel 7 is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Press and hold the power button: The power button is located on the right side of the phone. Press and hold it until a menu appears on the screen.
  • Tap on “Restart”: In the menu that appears, you’ll see several options, including Power off and Restart. Tap on the “Restart” option.
  • Wait for the phone to restart: After tapping “Restart,” your phone will begin to shut down, before turning itself back on. The whole process takes a minute or two. You’ll know your phone has restarted when you see the Google logo appear on the screen.

Why Restart Your Google Pixel 7?

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Before we get into the how, let’s briefly touch on the why. Restarting your smartphone can help resolve minor software glitches, improve device performance, and even save battery life. It’s akin to giving your phone a short break, allowing it to close unnecessary processes running in the background, free up memory, and start afresh. Now that we understand the importance of restarting, let’s move on to the process.

Alternative Method: Using the Settings Menu

If for some reason, the power button isn’t working, or you prefer using the touchscreen, there’s an alternative method to restart your Google Pixel 7. You can do this through the Settings menu.

Here’s how:

  • Open the Settings app: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access your app drawer and find the Settings app. Tap on it to open.
  • Go to “System”: Scroll down in the Settings menu until you find the “System” option. Tap on it to open the system settings.
  • Tap on “Advanced”: In the System menu, you’ll see an “Advanced” option. Tap on it to expand the advanced system settings.
  • Tap on “Restart”: In the expanded list, you’ll see a “Restart” option. Tap on it to restart your Google Pixel 7.

Wrapping Up…

Restarting your Google Pixel 7 is a simple and easy process, whether you’re using the power button or the Settings menu. It’s a handy technique to know, as regular restarts can help maintain your device’s performance and resolve minor issues.

If your Pixel phone is frequently requiring restarts or experiencing other issues, it might be worth seeking professional help or contacting Google’s customer service.

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