The iPhone XR is available in the following colors: White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral, and (Product)RED. But which iPhone XR color is the most popular? Let’s investigate…

The iPhone XR was the first iPhone release since the iPhone 5c to embrace color. The iPhone XR was available in six different colors at launch (White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral, and Product Red) and since then has gone on to become one of Apple’s most successful launches to date.

And one of the main reasons for this was that you could get it in multiple different colors. Here’s a quick breakdown of the iPhone XR’s colors, as well as a few points on each color option, so you know what you’re getting into.

iPhone XR Colors


From Left to Right: Product(RED), Yellow, White, Coral, Black, Blue

iPhone XR Color Guide:

  • Product(RED)
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Coral 
  • Yellow
  • White

What Does Each iPhone XR Color Mean?

iPhone XR Colors: Which Hue Is The Most Popular?Pin

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iPhone XR (Black)


This is the standard hue, the one that most people go for. It’s also the most boring. If you want an iPhone that is understated, this is the color to go for. Me personally? I prefer a little more color, so I’d always avoid the black model.

iPhone XR (White)


White phones look cool. I really like the white iPhone XR; it’s smart-looking and has a very premium look about it. The only downside to white iPhones is that they show up dirt and marks easily. If you run a tight ship, though, this shouldn’t be a problem.

iPhone XR (Blue)


Blue is a pretty unusual color for a phone, but here it looks pretty slick. It’s definitely not something you see every day, and the blue iPhone XR is definitely one of the less common hues. I don’t recall ever seeing one in public, so if you want a unique-looking iPhone XR, blue is the way to go!

iPhone XR (Yellow)


Yellow was the most popular color at launch. More people pre-ordered the yellow color than any other hue. So much so that Apple had to delay the yellow iPhone XR’s shipping date as it didn’t have enough units to satisfy demand initially.

iPhone XR (Coral)

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The coral iPhone XR color is a bit misleading. To my eye, it looks like a combination of peach and pink. It’s definitely an odd one and will almost certainly not be to everyone’s’ tastes. I’m not a fan of this hue, if I’m honest, it reminds me lobster for some reason…

iPhone XR (Product Red)


The red iPhone XR is my favorite color. It looks super-cool, nice, and refined, and it is unusual enough to stand out from the crowd. The combination of black and red also works really well. For me, the red iPhone XR is the best looking option you can buy.

What’s The Most Popular iPhone XR Color?

The iPhone XR outsold the iPhone X, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max. For nearly two years straight, it was Apple’s best-selling iPhone by quite a margin. And this is down to its pricing mainly; the iPhone XR was significantly cheaper than the iPhone X and the iPhone XS/XS Max.

It wasn’t until Apple released the similarly priced iPhone 11 that iPhone XR sales started to drop off. How many iPhone XR units did Apple sell in total? According to stats from Omdia, Apple shipped 46.3 million units in 2019, and 23.1 million in 2018, totaling 69.4 million units for the two year period.


Appel, sadly, does not break down its unit sales by color, so it is impossible to say which color out of the six available iPhone XR colors was the most popular. We did however make some inquiries with some UK networks and they informed us that the Black, White, and Red models were the most popular choices with UK customers, with Black accounting for around 64% of total units approximately.

What iPhone XR color should you get? As always, it’s entirely up to you. Me personally? I like the Product Red iPhone XR. That’d be the one I’d go for. Then probably the Blue or White option. I don’t much care for yellow, black, or coral – I just think they make the iPhone XR look a bit like a child’s toy, something you’d find in Toys R Us or something.

Also, it’s worth noting that it is only the back of the iPhone that has a colored panel. All the iPhone XR models have the same black front. This is done to better hide the phone’s notch and make the device’s frontage look more appealing. All the models run exactly the same specs too. They’re also all made from the same materials – aluminum chassis and glass front and backs.

iPhone XR Release Date – When Did It Come Out? 

The iPhone XR got a release date on October 26, 2018 . The iPhone XR was Apple’s first attempt at a cut-price iPhone. And the phone was a massive success with millions of users flocking to buy it. The iPhone XR launched alongside the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max; although the XR was marketed as a more affordable iPhone with prices starting at $499.99.

The iPhone XR ran the same CPU as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Apple’s A12 Bionic, but it lacked some of the more hardcore specs included on the XS and XS Max, such as dual-lens cameras, higher storage options, and higher amounts of memory. Not that customers minded, the iPhone XR was the best selling iPhone in 2018 and 2019.

And it is still a great option today, especially if you’re looking for value for money – the phone can now be picked up for next to nothing refurbished.

Buying The iPhone XR In 2020 – Still Worth It?

The iPhone XR is not as powerful as the iPhone 11, nor does it have a dual-lens camera; it uses the same camera as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE 2020. The phone itself is still great, however, with excellent performance, modern styling, and a large 6.1in LCD display.

If all you’re looking for is an iPhone that delivers solid value for money, and you don’t want the newer iPhone SE 2020, the iPhone XR is definitely worth a look – even in 2020, two years after its initial release. Apple will support the iPhone XR with iOS updates until well into the late 2020s, so you have no worries in this context.


As for performance, Apple’s A12 CPU is still incredibly potent. It might be old, but the A12 is still more powerful than the latest silicon used inside expensive high-end Android flagships, so if performance is something that is important to you, you have no cause for concern in this context – the iPhone XR is still a beast when it comes to overall performance.

You can now pick up refurbished iPhone XR handsets too; prices range from anywhere from $350 to $450, depending on the storage and quality of the handset. As always, if you’re interested in picking up a

refurbished iPhone, make sure you check out our detailed guide on how to buy a refurbished iPhone first – it covers everything you need to know.

Or, if you want a newer iPhone, check out our deals pages for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.