Apple has owned the first two decades of the 2000’s and the company is having as much success in the 2020s. But what products will we see from Apple in the 2030s?

Everyone is focused on the upcoming iPhone 15 and the rumored Apple Glasses, but what about things farther out into the future? Say, the 2030s? What kind of products can we expect Apple to have on the market a decade from now?

Given that it’s only a decade away, we expect Apple to still be making many of the same products they do today: phones, laptops, watches. But by the 2030s technology should have improved by so much, some of the features of those projects might seem like magic.

Here’s an educated guess on what Apple products will be like in the 2030s based on current rumors and the trajectory of current technology.

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2030s Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will probably still exist because there aren’t many products that you strap directly to your body – a smartwatch in the 2030s is likely a given. But expect the Apple Watch of the 2030s to have much more health benefits packed inside.

By then the Apple Watch will likely be able to read your blood sugar levels – a groundbreaking technology that doesn’t require skin pricks. The Apple Watch will also likely be able to tell you when you are sick – or when you might be coming down with something.

There are numerous other health sensors that could be built into the Apple Watch by the 2030s that make it a de facto doctor on our wrist – and it may even be able to read our DNA or another bio signature so we don’t need to enter a PIN every time we put the watch on.

If battery breakthroughs continue to happen, it’s also likely the Apple Watch of the 2030s could have a weeks-long battery life! How nice would that be?

2030s AirPods

AirPods will still be around in the 2030s, however, like the Apple Watch, they will most likely gain many health features, making them as much a health device as a music device. By the 2030s AirPods will almost certainly be certified for use as a true hearing aid – making them a must-have health product for those hard of hearing.

The noise cancellation and microphones should also improve to such a degree that we could probably take calls from a busy city street corner and it will sound as if we’re in a soundproof booth in the world’s best audio studio.

The form factor of the AirPods may get even smaller – or perhaps they even become stick-on buds that you apply to the skin behind your ear and audio is delivered through your tissues using bone conduction technology. By the 2030s the AirPods could also feature week-long battery life or more. And by that time, they may even be able to be worn underwater.

But the biggest change for the AirPods by the 2030s is that they should likely house their own Siri AI – making the AirPods not just a music and health device, but an AI assistant we can have in our ears at all times.

2030s Siri AI

ChatGPT is all the rage now, and by the 2030s highly personalized and intelligent will probably be the norm. With that in mind, by the 2030s Siri should resemble an interactive AI chatbot that is more intelligent than any chatbot today.

This Siri AI will be capable of learning about you and everything in your life and will be able to answer nearly any question you have and even talk to other people on your behalf – imagine: Siri answering a phone call for you.

The Siri AI will most likely be integrated into nearly every Apple product, including Glasses, AirPods, Macs, iPhone, iPads, and more. Also, it’s likely that Apple could charge a subscription fee for access to a Siri AI Pro. This would give Apple another line of low-margin, high-profit services revenue.

2030s Apple Glasses

By the 2030s, Apple Glasses should look no different than the thin and light regular eyeglasses we wear today. They will likely be totally free from the iPhone and be an entire device unto themselves with hyper-realistic augmented reality projections appearing right before our eyes. Imagine taking a FaceTime call through your Apple Glasses and seeing the person you are talking to standing right before you in the same room you are in – despite being thousands of miles away.

By the 2030s, Apple Glasses could also be on the cusp of replacing the iPhone as Apple’s dominant product – it really just depends on how thin, light, and unobtrusive Apple can make the glasses by then. Also expect super long battery life – likely a week or more.

2030s iPhones, iPads & Macs

Apple will still make iPhones, iPads, and Macs by the 2030s, but the devices could come to resemble each other more and more. That will mainly be thanks to improvements in foldable technology and haptics, which lets flat surfaces feel like real ones.

Imagine folding your 6-inch iPhone out into a 12-inch iPad or MacBook. It’s possible with foldable tech and haptics. Or we could get to a point where the iPhone runs both iOS and macOS. This would work by the iPhone becoming a device that can easily and wirelessly connect with external displays and keyboards.

When the iPhone is just being used as a phone, it displays iOS on its screen. But the second you wirelessly connect it to a (12K, obviously) display, the display shows macOS with the Mac version of all your iOS apps.

2030s Apple Car Service

An Apple Car has been rumored for a long time – and I do think it will finally arrive by the 2030s. However, I don’t expect the Apple Car to ever be a car we can drive ourselves. And I also don’t think an Apple Car will ever be something we can buy to own.

Instead, I believe that by the 2030s Apple will launch the Apple Car as a service – subscribe for $199 a month and a self-driving Apple Car will come to your house or workplace and take you wherever you need to go. Even if the average auto loan costs people $199 a month, wouldn’t it be better just to subscribe to Apple’s Apple Car Service for the same price?

You won’t own the car, so don’t need to worry about insurance or fuel costs, or breakdown and maintenance fees. Plus if you don’t need a car for a month, you just cancel your subscription and save the $199.

Of course, I suspect the Apple Car Service to primarily only be available in major cities in 2030 where commute distances are relatively short – think New York City, Dallas, Paris, London, Tokyo, etc.

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