Severance is one of the best new TV shows around. It’s an Apple TV+ exclusive and so far there is only one season. And that ended on a MASSIVE cliffhanger. Will there be a Severance season 2?

If you watch a lot of new shows on Netflix, Amazon, or Apple TV+, often times you kind of start to take things for granted. Most of them are great. I’m talking about stuff like Squid Games, Clarkson’s Farm, and even Netflix’s Man vs Bee. But every now and then something truly special comes along, something totally unique and brilliant. And that is exactly what Severance is – the first season was outstanding.

If you watched the first season of Severance, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The story line, the direction, the acting, the characters, the sense of dread and doom – it had it all. I’m not going to drop any spoilers here in case you haven’t seen it, suffice to say that Severance is a kind of sci-fi/psychological thriller with hints of Charlie Kaufman.

I was massively impressed by Severance, so much so that I will be holding onto my Apple TV+ subscription for the time being. Season one of Severance ended on a MASSIVE cliffhanger, the type of cliffhanger that’d make Prison Break blush. And that left plenty of viewers hoping and preying for a second season of Severance – shows of this style, after all, are often canceled (example: Netflix’s brilliant Archive 81). But will there be a second season of Severance?

Will There Be A Severance Season 2?

We had to wait a while, but the good news is that Apple has renewed Severance for another season which means, yes, there will be a Severance season two. Ben Stiller, one of the directors of the show, confirmed the news via Instagram. All we need now is a concrete release date for season two of Severance. On that front, though, we could be waiting awhile…

It’s really exciting to see the response from people who are loving the show, and the level of fan engagement. It has been a long road bringing Severance to television. I first read Dan’s pilot over five years ago.

It has always been a multi-season story and I’m really happy we get to continue it. I’m grateful to our partners at Apple TV+ who have been behind it the whole way. Praise Kier!

Ben Stiller

Apple also confirmed that it would be commissioning Dan Erickson, Severance’s creator, for another season too. As Stiller noted, Severance was always a multi-series show. In order to tell the story properly, and to develop the characters’ arcs, the producers and writers will probably need five to six seasons – the potential scope of the show is enormous.

Severance Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Severance could potentially get a release date in 2023, according to Stiller. The plan appears to be to start shooting the show before the end of 2022, edit it down during the first few months of 2023, and then get it released in the second half of the year. That means, if all goes well, the second season of Severance could get a release date in and around June 2023.

Severance Season 2 Release DatePin

But that’s contingent on EVERYTHING going smoothly. Shooting content like this takes time. Editing takes time. COVID is still lurking around, so delays are always possible. Having said that, the fact that Ben Stiller is keen on shooting at the end of 2022 indicates that all the script work and storylines are finished. If that’s the case, the process will be a lot easier – all they have to do is shoot it and edit it.

I’m assuming because the show was always designed to be a multi-series project that the complete story, and possibly the scripts/outlines for future seasons, were completed before the first season aired. Stiller noted that Erickson pitched the show over five years ago. It is likely that Erickson, given the time he’s been working on the project, had the entire series arc concluded either in his head or on paper – possibly both.

This would be the only way the show could start shooting at the end of 2022 unless Erickson and Stiller knew way before Apple’s official confirmation that they were getting a second season. Either way, the good news is that we WILL get to find out what happens to Mark, Dylan, Helly, and Irving as well as what happens immediately after THAT season one cliffhanger.

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