Netflix Games List: What’s Available At Launch?

Netflix Games goes live on November 5, 2021 – that’s tomorrow if you’re reading this on the day it was published. But what games will be available at launch on Netflix Games?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the five games that will be available on Netflix Games from November 5:

Netflix Games List

  • Stranger Things: 1984 – A pixelated, retro-style top-down arcade game based on the show.
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game – Similar to the 1984 game, just with more characters and more action.
  • Card Blast – This one combines poker with puzzle-solving, so if you know your cards and like your puzzles, you might just love it Card Blast.
  • Teeter Up – This one is a basic ball-drop game, whereby you have to steady a platform in order to get a ball down a hole. Sounds easy. But it isn’t.
  • Shooting Hoops – In this game you have to throw a basketball through a hoop using a gun. So, the ball flies towards the hoop and you have to direct it into the hoop using bullets.

As you can see, not many games are available right now. But that will change in due course. Netflix has plans on quickly expanding Netflix Games which, at launch, is currently only available on Android.

Netflix also acquired indy game developer, Night School Studio, in September. This acquisition will help Netflix quickly bulk out its games catalog. The emphasis with Netflix Games, however, is very casual – these aren’t console-like or even mobile-grade games.

Netflix Games is completely free to current Netflix subscribers and there are no adverts either. All you need to access Netflix games is an Android phone and a Netflix account. If you have these, you will be able to start playing games inside Netflix Games from tomorrow.

Mostly what we’ve done to date is about essentially making sure that all of our systems are working as we expect. So it’s really about proving to ourselves that we can do the delivery in a way that we want. The same thing that’s made our service very powerful for recommending movies and TV shows, connecting great content creators to this audience — that’s the capability that we need to build on the game side now, as well,” he noted.

Netflix COO and Chief Product Officer Gregory Peters

Netflix Games For iPhone Release Date?

Netflix has confirmed that it plans on rolling out downloadable games to iPhone and iOS users via Netflix Games from December. This is a guidance timeline at the moment, however, as Apple has very strict rules that prevent apps from hosting other games and apps – and that is exactly what Netflix Games does.

This means Netflix Games might not launch on iPhone until 2022. And check out How To Download Netflix Videos (Movies & TV Shows)! Also, take a look at How To Download Amazon Prime Videos! And check out What Is Wordle?

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