He’s too old, and too unit to do any more episodes of The Grand Tour but Clarkson’s ultra-popular Clarkson’s Farm will be returning for a fourth season

TL;DR: Clarkson’s Farm Season 4

  • End of an Era: The Grand Tour, as currently formatted, is concluding, with Clarkson citing age and a depletion of fresh ideas as primary reasons.
  • Uncertain Future: James May hints at the show’s impending conclusion, with a few more episodes planned but an unclear path beyond that.
  • Potential Spin-offs: Despite the main show winding down, there’s speculation about a new project related to The Grand Tour, especially with the current Top Gear format on pause.
  • Final Episodes on Amazon Prime: The last episodes of The Grand Tour are scheduled for 2024, with two already filmed out of three planned.
  • Shift to Clarkson’s Farm: Clarkson is increasingly focusing on “Clarkson’s Farm,” with Season 4 confirmed and further seasons anticipated.
  • Continued Success: Clarkson’s unique approach and personality, crucial to the success of his projects, continue to engage audiences, highlighting the challenge of replicating such a dynamic in shows like Top Gear.

Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed that his days presenting The Grand Tour are numbered. He’s too far, too unfit, and too old to do anymore. And that’s not me being cruel, this is straight from the horse’s mouth.

Been a busy day. No more Grand Tour after next year but a LOT more Clarkson’s Farm. Which, this evening, is looking extremely lovely.

Clarkson’s Instagram

Clarkson has been shooting car shows for as long as anyone can remember, starting with Top Gear and then, after a a highly public falling out with the BBC, moving to Amazon, where Hammond, May and Clarkson rebranded Top Gear as The Grand Tour.

And The Grand Tour was an expensive, expansive show that took everything people loved about Top Gear (the specials) and upped the ante by a factor 10. In just a few short years, TGT filmed in over 130 countries, tested 150 cars, and created clocked up more air miles than an F1 team.

As of 2022, the magazine-style format died but the show lived on in the form of one-off specials. Clarkson has now confirmed, however, that the trio will not even be doing these now, meaning the show as we currently know is effectively over.

The Grand Tour is Over – At Least In Its Current Format

Speaking to the BBC, Clarkson said in a roundabout way that he is now too old and fat to do the show. He also said that the production team were “running out of ideas” after 20+ years of touring around the world in cars.

James May, whilst speaking on a podcast, openly confirmed that The Grand Tour was likely on its last legs, that it was closer to the end than the beginning.

We’ve got another one about to come out, we’ve just filmed another one a few weeks ago and we’ve got another one planned to film later this year. What happens after that I don’t know, it’s a bit of a grey fog, it always is.

James May

But while the show as we know it is more or less dead, there is hope for a spin-off series. The BBC cryptically hinted at something, potentially, involving The Grand Tour, following the current Top Gear format being “paused” after Freddie Flintoff was injured filming a bit.

The next and, potentially, last ever Grand Tour episodes will air in 2024 on Amazon Prime. As of right now, there are three planned episodes, two of which have already been filmed.

Clarkson To Focus on Clarkson’s Farm – Season 4 is Now Confirmed Too

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Release DatePin

Life in the driving seat is tough, especially with all the associated travel. Farming isn’t exactly easier, as the first few seasons of Clarkson’s Farm demonstrated, but at least there’s no travel involved. Perhaps this is why Clarkson seems more focussed on Clarkson’s farm these days.

Building on the massive success of the first three seasons, Amazon is obviously keen for more Clarkson’s Farm. There will be a fourth season of Clarkson’s Farm released in 2024 (Clarkson himself has confirmed as much) and we’d expect a fifth and sixth too.

The potential for changes to the show’s format is uncertain.

Currently, the setup and characters are resonating well with audiences. Clarkson’s talent for bringing together unique and engaging personalities is a key factor in the success of his television ventures, as seen in the original Top Gear. This ability to create compelling content is a trait that newer versions of the show have struggled to replicate.

Top Gear and Clarkson’s Farm, while focusing on cars and farming respectively, share a common element: Clarkson’s distinctive and polarizing personality. His ability to divide opinion is what sets him apart and contributes to his status as a significant television figure.

A primary reason for the lack of success with the revamped Top Gear format on the BBC is the absence of Clarkson. Without his unique presence, the show struggled to connect with its audience in the same way.

Clarkson has consistently demonstrated his skill in creating engaging and popular television shows, from Top Gear to The Grand Tour, and now with Clarkson’s Farm. His latest project may well be considered his best work yet, showcasing his enduring appeal despite his self-deprecating description as being too “fat, old, and unfit.”

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