Clarkson’s Farm season 3 will get a release date on May 3, 2024. Here’s a complete recap of seasons one and two, so you’re 100% up to date with eveverything that has happened so far…

Clarkson’s Farm. It’s probably the most unlikely hit TV show of all time. Who’d have thought a show about farming, featuring a man as divisive as Jeremy Clarkson, would go on to become a global sensation? 

Jeff Bezos certainly didn’t. And neither did execs at Amazon, as the prospect of a second season, despite rave reviews for the first series of Clarkson’s Farm, wasn’t set in stone – it was actually in limbo for a brief period of time. 

With a solid IMDB rating of 9, more or less unprecedented for a Clarkson-fronted production, Clarkson’s Farm has quickly become one of Amazon Prime’s hottest assets. And it has made Jeremy a considerable amount of money in the process. 

The next season of Clarkson’s Farm – season 3 – is due to land on Amazon Prime TV on May 3, 2024, and will – at least according to some reports – be Clarkson’s main focus from here on out, as The Grand Tour comes to its final conclusion

Ahead of the release of Clarkson’s Farm season 3, here’s a recap of the first two seasons, so you can get up to speed with everything that has happened thus far. 

Clarkson’s Farm Episode Recap – Season 1 and Season 2

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Clarkson’s Farm Season 1

Episode 1: Tractoring

Jeremy Clarkson embarks on an ambitious journey into farming, not fully grasping the steep learning curve and physical demands involved. His initial foray into tractor operation epitomizes the blend of enthusiasm and naivety that sets the tone for his agricultural adventure, leading to both comedic and challenging moments as he navigates the muddy terrains of his property.

Episode 2: Sheepin

In this episode, Clarkson’s decision to introduce sheep farming into his venture underlines his underestimation of pastoral complexities. His humorous yet fraught encounters with sheep farming practices reveal the intricacies and unexpected challenges of animal husbandry, highlighting his evolving relationship with the farm’s livestock.

Episode 3: Shopping

Clarkson’s endeavor to bridge farm produce with consumer demand through the opening of a farm shop introduces a new set of challenges. This episode delves into the hurdles of retailing in the farming context, from regulatory compliance to supply chain logistics, showcasing Clarkson’s creative and often unconventional approaches to problem-solving.

Episode 4: Wilding

Exploring the theme of conservation, Clarkson ventures into the realms of naturalism and biodiversity on his farm. This episode reflects a shift towards ecological mindfulness, portraying his attempts at harmonizing farming practices with nature conservation, thereby contributing to the broader discourse on sustainable agriculture.

Episode 5: Pan(dem)icking

The global pandemic’s unforeseen impact on Clarkson’s farm operations comes to the forefront, particularly affecting the critical lambing season. This episode poignantly captures the challenges of adapting to rapidly changing circumstances, underscoring the resilience and ingenuity required to navigate the uncertainties of farming during a global crisis.

Episode 6: Melting

British weather, with its unpredictability and extremities, poses significant challenges to Clarkson and his team. This episode emphasizes the vulnerability of farming to climatic conditions, showcasing the constant battle against the elements to ensure crop and livestock wellbeing.

Episode 7: Fluffing

As the drought intensifies, the episode highlights the escalating challenges of managing a farm under adverse weather conditions. The countdown to harvest time puts additional pressure on Clarkson and his team, underscoring the relentless nature of agricultural work and the critical importance of timing and resource management in farming success.

Episode 8: Harvesting

The culmination of the season’s efforts is showcased in this episode, where the harvest period becomes the ultimate test of Clarkson’s farming venture. The episode encapsulates the highs and lows of the first farming year, presenting a realistic depiction of the hard work, risks, and occasional triumphs involved in agriculture.

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2

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Episode 1: Surviving

Post-Brexit challenges for UK farmers set the stage, with Clarkson grappling with the loss of subsidies and the increasing need for diversification. His expansion into cattle and poultry farming, along with the idea of a farm restaurant, illustrates the adaptive strategies farmers are compelled to consider in the face of changing agricultural policies and market demands.

Episode 2: Cowering

The introduction of cows to the farm brings its own set of unforeseen challenges, from handling to health management. Clarkson’s foray into chilli sauce production adds a humorous twist, showcasing his willingness to explore unconventional agricultural products and the unpredictability of such ventures.

Episode 3: Schmoozing

Clarkson’s interactions with planning officers and the local community over his restaurant plans highlight the complex dynamics between farmers, regulatory bodies, and local stakeholders. This episode explores the balancing act of maintaining farming operations while navigating the bureaucratic hurdles of agricultural entrepreneurship.

Episode 4: Badgering

The threat of Bovine Tuberculosis introduces a serious and contentious issue, linking farm health to wildlife management. Clarkson’s attempt to diversify into crisp production adds a lighter counterpoint, illustrating the constant search for innovative approaches within the farming sector.

Episode 5: Council-ing

The anticipation of a council decision on the restaurant proposal underscores the episode, juxtaposed with the more intimate aspect of farm life, such as the birthing of calves. This episode captures the tension between future aspirations and day-to-day farm responsibilities, highlighting the emotional rollercoaster of farming life.

Episode 6: Counselling

Following the council’s decision, Clarkson faces the realities of legal appeals and the continuous need for farm management adaptability. A humorous encounter with a mouse provides comic relief, illustrating the unpredictable nature of farm life and the small, unexpected challenges that accompany it.

Episode 7: Scheming

Post-restaurant plan challenges with the council lead Clarkson to seek creative solutions, showcasing his resilience and determination to sustain his farming and business ventures. This episode highlights the innovative and sometimes unconventional strategies required to overcome regulatory and operational hurdles in farming.

Episode 8: Climaxing

The season finale builds up to the highly anticipated opening of Clarkson’s farm restaurant, capturing the secretive preparations and the culmination of the season’s efforts. This episode celebrates the fruition of hard work and perseverance, showcasing the rewarding moments of farming and rural entrepreneurship against the backdrop of ongoing challenges and uncertainties.

Clarkson’s Farm Season 3 & The Future

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Clarkson’s Farm is one of Amazon’s hottest properties right now, so of course there is going to be a fourth season of the show. Clarkson has confirmed work is now underway on Season 4 of Clarkson’s Farm, so a release date some time in 2025 is looking likely. 

As for the future of the show itself, nothing is set in stone, of course, but Clarkson has confirmed that he is no longer interested in continuing with The Grand Tour. 

There will be a trio of new Grand Tour specials airing in 2024 and after that the show will be folded most likely for good (according to May and Clarkson). 

Clarkson has been pretty vocal about his overall health and wellbeing. On Instagram, he confirmed that he is now too old and too fat to do more car stuff. He also claimed that the team behind The Grand Tour, after decades of making motoring shows, are now running out of ideas. 

Been a busy day. No more Grand Tour after next year but a LOT more Clarkson’s Farm. Which, this evening, is looking extremely lovely.

Clarkson’s Instagram

That’s the bad news. The good news is that Clarkson is now 100% committed to Clarkson’s Farm, so it likely the show will run for as long as Clarkson is able to it. And after that? Who knows. Maybe we’ll see Jeremy move into a retirement home and make a series about that. 

I’d definitely watch a show called Jeremy’s Retirement Home. And if you want to watch all of Clarkson’s Farm, you’ll need an Amazon Prime TV subscription to view it.

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