The 6 best educational podcasts to 10X your learning, skills, and understanding of everything from tech trends, to finance, business and thought leadership…

When you listen to an educational podcast, you get that deliciously smug feeling. You just spent 45 minutes learning about the history of La Sagrada Familia and now you think you have an architecture degree?

What if you got this education while lying in bed at 03:00PM in a soiled t-shirt? Or while you’re knee-deep in a week’s worth of dishes in the sink?

That is not the point at all!

The point is that you feel smarter, which is a fantastic feeling. Of course, there are a plethora of other educational podcasts to be found. So take a look at this list of the six best educational podcasts to start learning more today.

History & Culture: Hardcore History

The best podcast to listen to is Hardcore History. It’s almost insulting to call Dan Carlin’s brilliant show a podcast because each episode is on par with an audiobook in terms of production value and research quality.

The fact that his most recent episodes have tended to be five hours or longer does not help matters either.

Carlin’s passionate and varied delivery could make any subject interesting. But, he has a knack for picking the most fascinating ones – the rise and fall of the Mongol empire, the Punic Wars, the Cuban Missile Crisis, or World War II from the often-overlooked vantage point of the Eastern Front.

If you’re new to podcasts, this should be at the top of your list. New episodes can take months to arrive, but when they do, they’re always well worth the wait.

Science & Technology: Brain Science

Science and technology are the forces shaping our world’s present and future. So, it is a good idea to at least be able to talk intelligently about them.

My brother, a college science student, recommended this podcast to me. He never misses an episode because it helps him with writing essays on a range of scientific subjects.

This podcast will keep you up to date on the latest science and technology news.

You have a brain if you are reading this. Because we all have them, it is only natural to want to learn more about how they work.

Dr Ginger Campbell will teach you about the most recent discoveries in neuroscience in a way that you will enjoy regardless of your previous knowledge.

You will also have the opportunity to listen to interviews with renowned neuroscientists from around the world.

Arts & Humanities: RadioLab

Even if you are not familiar with how podcasts work, there is a good chance that you have heard of RadioLab before.

One of the most popular podcasts in the world, RadioLab, is “a show about curiosity”.

The founders tackle topics ranging from brain injuries to the story of Henrietta Lacks. Even professional assignment writers use such podcasts as a source of information for essays and research papers because they address every topic with incredible depth.

Each episode is masterfully produced. The show features tonnes of different voices – topical experts, subjects of the interviews and more.

This is one of those shows that makes people mad simply because they can’t produce episodes fast enough.

Self-Improvement: The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is unlike any other business podcast. Tim Ferriss, an author and entrepreneur, interviews guests such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Popova, and Rick Rubin who are rarely interviewed.

Today’s youngsters are always glued to online streaming platforms for entertainment, but what they need at their age the most is self-improvement. Tim deconstructs expert performers’ routines in all of the shows.

This is to provide you with useful tactics, tools, and routines. Most personal development podcasts owe a debt of gratitude to this show. However, few shows have come close to matching the quality of this one.

Banking & Finance: LMM

Here, ‘L’ stands for ‘Listen’, the first ‘M’ stands for ‘Money’ and the second ‘M’ stands for ‘Matters’. This podcast will help you destroy your debt and build wealth.

It will make you understand how money works.

In other words, it will help you pay off your student loans, avoid more debt, and become financially independent.

LMM is a podcast dedicated to those topics as well as advice on renting vs buying a home, the fundamentals of investing and how to make extra money on the side.

Matt and Andrew, on the other hand, have reunited as co-hosts.

Career Development: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

This podcast can assist you if you are unsure where to begin. Even if you have been in the workforce for a few years, this show will assist you in moving forward.

The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast can be a great learning resource. This is valid even if you do not want to be an entrepreneur.

This show is simply a collection of Stanford University recorded lectures. Guy Kawasaki, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marissa Mayer have all been guests in the past.


That’s all there is to it! Some of the most informative podcasts available. At least one of the shows on this list has piqued your interest and your finger is hovering over the download button right now.

Educational podcasts can cover a wide range of topics. They are ideal for learning on the go or when you are pressed for time.

Whether you are interested in science, art, history or finance, there is a podcast out there for you.

The best educational podcasts are those that pique your interest and make you want to learn more, and we hope you found your new favourite on this list.