Google’s Pixel Buds (2020) vs Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds (2019)

By Michael Grothaus •  Updated: 05/25/20 •  4 min read

The hottest type of wearable on the market right now is the wireless earbuds. Yeah, it’s funny to think of any kind of earphones as “wearables,” but the description is apt as today’s wireless earbuds have come such a long way from their earbuds of yesterday, which only delivered sound and offered no other features.

Quick Overview:

Apple leads the wireless earbuds market, but two major competitors–Microsoft and Google–also offer their own wireless earbuds, the Surface Earbuds and Pixel Buds, respectfully. Here’s how the two stack up against each other.

Google’s Pixel Buds (2020) vs Microsoft's Surface Earbuds (2019)
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Winner? Surface Earbuds – Their flat coin-like design looks a bit weird, but they are more stylized than the Google Pixel Buds.

Audio & Connectivity

Winner? Pixel Buds – While neither has active noise cancelation, the Pixel Buds have Adaptive Sound, which can automatically adjust the volume in response to outside noise levels.

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Battery & Charging

Winner? Surface Earbuds – 8 hours of usage on a single charge is pretty impressive.

Surface Earbuds
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Voice Assistant

Winner? Pixel Buds – Google Assistant is the leader in voice assistants.


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From a design and battery perspective, the Surface Earbuds win out. Though their flat design is a bit sci-fi-like, they look more fashionable than the Pixel Earbuds. Also, their 8-hour battery life is insane.

However, the Pixel Buds beat the Surface Earbuds in almost every other metric. For starters, then come in $20 cheaper and for that you get a wireless charging case, Google Assistant support, adaptive sound, and effortless compatibility with your Android smartphone–especially if its a Pixel phone.

Google’s Pixel Buds (2020) vs Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds (2019): Full Specs

Google’s Pixel Buds green
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Here are the specs for the Pixel Buds:

And here are the specs for the Surface Earbuds:

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Google’s Pixel Buds (2020) vs Microsoft's Surface Earbuds (2019)
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