Are you wondering how to use Alexa on Android Phone? Read on!

Alexa has grown way beyond use as a virtual assistant on Amazon devices; it is now available for Android devices, and Android users are now enjoying Alexa’s rich features plus easy access to Amazon services. 

In this post, you will learn a lot more about how to use Alexa on Android phones.

Meet Alexa, the Virtual Assistant

Alexa is a virtual voice assistant created by Amazon. It was initially developed for use with Amazon’s Echo speakers as voice outputs for search results. Presently, Alexa has grown beyond being used as a virtual assistant for home automation. 

Much like Google Assistant, Siri, or Samsung’s Bixby, Alexa can supply you with much-needed information like weather info, news, locations, and direction, and also perform complex processes such as playing music, take pictures, translate, read out notifications, accessing your social media accounts, and also communicate with other IoT enabled appliances in your home. 

Like Google Assistant, Alexa has many features that can make you get the best out of your Android device.

How To Use Alexa On Android Phone

Getting Alexa up and running on your Android phone isn’t rocket science; in few easy steps, you would be able to set up Alexa and ask her what the weather looks like in Kansas right from your Android phone.

  1. Download and install the Amazon Alexa app from Google Play Store. You can also download Alexa from the Amazon app store or Aptoide app store.
  2. Launch the downloaded Alexa app on your android phone
  3. Log in with your Amazon account on the ‘amazon Alexa’ login page. If you do not have an amazon account, hit the ‘CREATE A NEW AMAZON ACCOUNT’ button to sign up for an Amazon account.
  4. A successful login directs you to the ‘GET STARTED’ page. Hit the ‘GET STARTED’ menu to proceed.
  5. You will be directed to the ‘Help Alexa get to know you’ page. Here you can personalize your experience by tapping on your name icon, which says, ‘I’m Bob Barley.’
  6. On the ‘Give Amazon permissions’ page, tap on the ‘ALLOW’ button to grant Alex access to your contacts. 
  7. Grant Alexa other permissions it needs to serve you better.
  8. Now you have Alexa set up and rolling on your Android phone.

How To Set Up Alexa As Your Default Voice Assistant

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your device’s settings >> ‘Apps & notifications’
  2. On the ‘Apps & notification’ page, select ‘Default apps.’
  3. You will be redirected to the ‘Default apps’ page and select the first option, ‘Assist & voice input.’
  4. Tap on ‘Assist app’ on the Assist & voice input page
  5. On the ‘Assist app’ page, change the default ‘Assist app’ by selecting ‘Amazon Alexa’ from the options.
  6. Follow the prompt to make Amazon Alexa your assistant.
  7. Tap ‘AGREE’ to continue.
  8. Toggle on the ‘Use text from screen’ button. Your action automatically toggles on the ‘Use screenshot’ button.
  9. Exit your device’s settings 

How To Launch Alexa For First Use 

Now that you’ve successfully set Amazon Alexa as your default Assistant, let’s go over a few steps together and see how well Alexa warms up to you.

  1. Hold down the home button to launch Alexa.
  2. This takes you to Alexa’s home page. You will have to grant permission to the following request from Alexa if they are not already granted. ‘To get started, give Alexa permission to access your microphone and location and do the following and more.’
    • Allow Alexa to hear your requests
    • Call and message friends and family 
    • Control smart home devices
    • Get location-relevant results’
  3. Tap on the ‘Allow’ button to proceed.
  4. A notification pops up, asking you to ‘Allow Amazon Alexa to record audio? Tap on ‘Allow’ to grant Alexa permission to record audio.
  5. There you’re! to make your first inquiry from Alexa, hold down the home button, and say the trigger word: ‘Alexa, what is the weather like in Kansas today?’ you can even ask Alexa to tell you a joke or show you directions.

How To Configure And Personalize Alexa

Go to Alexa’s menu to access the following personalization options:

  1. Routines: Under the ‘Routine’ options, you can personalize Alexa to perform specific tasks using a single command. E.g., you can set up Alexa to turn on the lights, turn up the heat, play music, put your phone on silent, etc. by configuring Alexa to recognizing the phrase: e.g. ‘Alexa, wake up.’
  2. Lists & Notes: Under this menu, you can view items you added to your Amazon ‘shopping and to-do list.’
  3. Skills & Games: This menu links you to the Amazon app store where you can browse through thousands of apps in various categories, including health and fitness, games, lifestyle, etc. You can use Alexa to install and manage third-party apps on your Android phone.
  4. Settings: In the settings menu, you can set up and manage your location, profile, and preferences such as notifications, sports, music, TV, etc.

Things You Can Do With Alexa

  1. You can control your smart devices and cars with Alexa. Not to mention, Alexa can control any IoT enabled devices. You can ask Alexa to switch on the lights, control your thermostats, start your vehicle, run diagnostics on your car, etc. 
  2. You can order for any goods on Amazon using Alexa. You can also track your goods by saying, ‘Alexa, where are my ordered goods?’ Alexa will get the tracking information for your goods displayed on your screen.
  3. Alexa can read out notifications, recipes, etc. it can also check and track expiry dates on goods. 
  4. You can use Alexa to find your way around town or in unfamiliar territory. 

Some Voice Commands To Use With Alexa

  1. Alexa, convert $100 to CAD.
  2. Alexa, what is the weather looking like today?
  3. Alexa, add eggs to my shopping list
  4. Alexa, sing me a song
  5. Alexa, read my book (mention names)
  6. Alexa, track my goods
  7. Alexa, Open Spotify

The list of voice commands never ends with Alexa; all you need to do is hold down the home button and tell Alexa what you want.