The UK is currently getting battered by Storm Franklin but is it possible to track storms on your iPhone?

Your iPhone is an immense tool. You can do all kinds of things with it, including tracking storms. But if you’re new to iPhone – or storm tracking, in general – what’s the best way to get started?

As always, you’ll need a selection of apps for tracking storms on your iPhone. As of right now, these are the best apps for tracking storms like Storm Franklin on your iPhone.

Best iPhone Apps For Tracking Storms

  1. Storm Tracker
  2. My Hurricane Tracker & Alerts
  3. Doppler Radar Map Live
  4. Live Weather – Weather Radar & Forecast app
  5. Storm Radar: Weather Tracker
  6. National Hurricane Center Data
  7. NOAA Radar & Weather Forecast

You can use all of the above-mentioned storm tracking apps for iPhone, or just one or two. They’re all very good apps, packed with data and helpful visuals as well as coverage of the latest news.

Best iPhone Apps For Tracking StormsPin

If you’re in an area that tends to get battered by storms – like coastal regions, for instance – having access to this kind of data can literally be a lifesaver. You will be able to track storms approaching your location, monitor the severity, and find out how long they’ll last.

Out of all the storm tracking apps listed above, my personal favorite would have to be Storm Tracker. It is jam-packed with loads of helpful features, graphs, and maps. And it works in most major countries too, including the USA, Europe, and the UK, so you can track weather and storms when you’re on holiday too.

I also love that you can view satellite feeds of the storm, in real-time, check out a storm’s projected path, and switch between standard maps and satellite maps to get a more detailed overview of what the storm is doing and how it is behaving.

The app itself has over 48,000 five-star reviews inside the App Store is considered by most people – myself included – to be the best overall storm tracking app for iPhone. It has everything you’ll ever need and more, so if you’re worried about storms like Storm Franklin, apps like Storm Tracker will help you better understand what’s going on and, most importantly, when it’ll be over!

Storm Tracker Features

  • Hurricane tracking
  • Real-time flood and hurricane warnings on an HD map
  • Accurate & intuitive rain radar
  • Weather charts for temperature, precipitation & wind
  • 10-day hourly & daily forecasts