iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XR: How Do They Compare?

By Michael Grothaus •  Updated: 09/11/19 •  7 min read

It’s time for the iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XR comparison! Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro series were the flagship phones the company unveiled in 2019. There are two models of the Pro series–the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. As the name suggests, the iPhone 11 Pro is the “smaller” of the two–the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a massive beast.

While the “Max” iPhone is the biggest, for many people it’s too big. That’s why the iPhone 11 Pro is generally the more popular of the two phones. Given that the iPhone 11 Pro is also more similar in size to the iPhone XR, a lot of people wonder how the two compare.

Speaking of the iPhone XR…Apple is also keeping the older iPhone XR on sale for another year–and giving it a price drop. So just how does the two-year-old iPhone XR compare to the 2019 iPhone 11 Pro? Let’s take a closer look at the smaller of the phones below.

iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XR Quick Comparison

iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XR
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Both the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 Pro have a similar design language. That is, they both have rounded corners, an all-screen display, and Face ID. However, it’s the build materials that are the distinguishing factors in their designs.

The iPhone 11 Pro features a glass and stainless steel body while the iPhone XR features a glass and aluminum body.

Winner? iPhone 11 Pro – The iPhone 11 Pro with its matte glass back and steel frame steals the show.


When it comes to the displays, that’s where the two iPhones really differ. You may think the iPhone XR has the better display because it has the bigger one, but that’s technically not the case. The iPhone XR has a 6.1in display, however, it’s a LCD display with a much lower resolution.

The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, has a 5.8in display, however, it’s an OLED display, which means it’s got much brighter colors, whiter whites, and darker blacks. It also has a much better resolution.

Winner? iPhone 11 Pro – Without a doubt, the iPhone 11 Pro wins the day here thanks to its OLED display.


When it comes to processing power, there is a difference–but not by that much. The iPhone 11 Pro features the A13 chipset whereas the iPhone XR features the A12. While in tests the A13 is about 20% faster than the A12, in real-world use you might not always be able to tell the difference.

Winner? iPhone 11 Pro – Technically, the A13 is 20% faster than the A12.


It’s in the camera department that the iPhone 11 Pro DESTROYS the iPhone XR. That’s because the iPhone XR features only a 7MP front camera and a 12MP single-lens rear camera.

The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, features a 12MP front camera and a triple-lens rear camera system. The iPhone 11 Pro also supports advanced software features like Night Mode and portrait photography.

Winner? iPhone 11 Pro – That triple-lens puts the single lens camera to shame.

iPhone 11 Pro
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Storage Options

Nothing much to see here. It should come as no surprise the iPhone 11 Pro has the larger storage options.

Battery Life

The iPhone 11 Pro seeks out a win here too. It gets you 18 hours of battery life compared to the 16 hours from the iPhone XR. You can mainly thank that more power-efficient OLED display for the extra two hours of battery life.

Winner? iPhone 11 Pro – You get an extra two hours of battery life.


iphone xr
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2019’s iPhones are clearly all about the camera. Give that, it’s clear the winner here is the iPhone 11 Pro. It features that sweet triple-lens rear camera system with a 12MP wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto lenses, triple optical image stabilization, optical zoom, and 4K video recording. There’s just no way the singleness system on the iPhone XR can compete.

The iPhone 11 Pro also features an OLED display, versus the iPhone XR’s LCD display. This means your screen is just going to look better on the 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 Pro is also 20% faster than the XR thanks to its A13 processor. The iPhone 11 Pro wins thanks to its camera, display, and better industrial design.

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iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XR: Specs

Here are the specs for the iPhone 11 Pro:

And here are the specs for the iPhone XR:

iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XR
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