New Apple Devices Coming In 2022 – There’s Nearly 24 In Total!

Apple’s got big plans for the back-end of 2022 with nearly two dozen new Apple devices scheduled for release, ranging from iPhones to AirPods and Macs and HomePod speakers

Apple has a range of new products and devices scheduled for launch and release in the second part of 2022. We have, of course, the prospect of brand new iPhones – or iPhones, as there’ll be four in total – with the iPhone 14 but what else can we expect from the company?

As it goes, quite a lot – and by “a lot” I mean around 24 new devices across Apple’s entire product range. This means new Apple Watch devices, new iPads, new iPhones, new Macs, and new HomePods.

To be fair, there’s quite a lot of breakdown here, so let’s take a look at each of Apple’s alleged new devices in more detail to see what we can expect.

New Apple Products Coming in 2022

New Apple Devices Coming In 2022Pin

iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is obviously the main event in Apple’s 2022 roadmap. Once again, there’ll be four iPhone 14 models, comprised of the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Max, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. There will be no mini iPhone in 2022 because, well… Apple’s mini iPhones suck.

The iPhone 14 series will get a release date during September/October time, based on current leaks, and you can find out everything you need to know about the new phones inside our iPhone 14 Latest News hub.

Apple Watch Series 8

This year’s Apple Watch update – AKA the Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch 8 – is set to be a pretty big update, and not just with respect to new features which are said to include: temperature sensing, sleep apnea detection, blood glucose monitoring, and blood pressure measurements. Impressive stuff, right?

Beyond these new, huge features Apple is also said to have updated the design of the Apple Watch Series 8 or has a new “rugged” model planned that will take the fight to more traditional sports watches like the excellent Garmin Fenix 7. Either way, 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Apple Watch fans.

AirPods 2 Pro

Apple’s OG AirPods Pro is great and is now a couple of years old. According to multiple reliable sources, Apple will update its AirPods Pro headphones in 2022 with the AirPods Pro 2.

The AirPods Pro 2 will feature a new design, apparently, Apple’s ditching the stems in favor of a more compact design a la Google’s Pixel Buds Pro, and has a bunch of additional upgrades planned, including longer battery life, improved sound, and better integration with iPhone.


Ah the iPad, it’s basically the only tablet worth buying these days. And this year’s iPad range is shaping up to be one of Apple’s best yet. There is talk of a new iPad Pro with an 11in min-LED display and glass back panel for wireless charging, as well as a cheaper entry-level iPad too.

The cool thing about this proposed new back panel is that it would, technically, allow for reverse wireless charging, so you could use it to charge your AirPods or iPhone. Nothing has been confirmed about this just yet, though, so take it with a pinch of salt.

HomePod 2

There’ll also be a new HomePod system, according to reports. It’ll be bigger, better, and probably more expensive too.

Right now, not a lot is known about what the HomePod 2 and HomePod mini 2 will feature. It’s likely the HomePod mini 2 will receive a relatively modest update. You can probably expect a new lineup of colors for the HomePod mini 2 and, perhaps, an updated CPU – most likely the S8 CPU, which is rumored to power the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

As for the HomePod 2, we have a bit more information about that device. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has stated in his PowerOn newsletter that the HomePod 2 is codenamed B620 and will feature sound quality that is more similar to the original HomePod than the HomePod mini.

New HomePod 2 Leaked

New Macs

Apple’s Mac lineup is growing rapidly. It seems to release or announce a new Mac or a new version of its M1 or M2 chip every month. If you like this sort of thing, good news: there’s plenty more coming in 2022.

Apple is working on an updated version of the Mac Pro that could feature an Apple silicon chip with up to 40 compute cores and 128 graphics cores, which would be double the performance of the M1 Ultra in the Mac Studio

Mac Rumors

And if that wasn’t enough, Apple is also said to be developing a new M2-powered Mac mini, a larger M2-powered iMac, and new M2 Pro and/or M2 Ultra powered MacBook Pro models. So if you thought Apple’s current lineup of Macs was confusing, things are about to get tenfold worse…

Other Potential Apple Products For 2022

  • Cheaper iPads – leaks suggest Apple is very keen on launching an ultra-affordable iPad model. The model will apparently have 5G, a USB C port, and an A14 CPU, and run on Apple’s latest version of Apple’s iPadOS software.
  • A Larger iMac – the refreshed M1 iMac was, well… largely disappointing. Unless you were after a family iMac. If, like me, you’re a power user and you wanted something with more grunt, well… your prayers might get answered in 2022, as there are plenty of reports about a proper iMac coming later this year.
  • M2-powered 14 & 16” MacBook Pro – Apple is now finalizing work on the M2 Pro / Max / Ultra versions of its MacBook Pro 14in and 16in. Whether these uber-powerful MacBook Pro machines make it to market in 2022 is anybody’s guess. But if they do, they’ll be incredibly potent and a definite must-buy for power users.
  • AR/VR Headset – Apple is definitely working on some kind of AR/VR headset. We already know about its plans for its Reality OS – or rOS, as it is also known. And we also know that whenever this product lands it will be incredibly expensive (around $3000). It isn’t likely we’ll see this released in 2022, but we could get an early preview of it
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