EE has confirmed a bunch of super-powered 5G Android phones that’ll be running on its super-fast 5G network

5G is coming to the UK, and EE is gearing up for the roll-out of its services with the addition of several, high-performance 5G handsets from a range of the market’s biggest brands.

Earlier this year, EE confirmed it will carry the OnePlus 7 Pro, a huge, slab of a phone that is not only astoundingly powerful, but also 5G ready.

EE has now confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, OPPO Reno 5G and LG V50 ThinQ with 5G. All bangers to be sure, but for me, it is the OnePlus 7 Pro that offers the best value for money with its insane specs and super-aggressive pricing.

OnePlus 7 ProPin
The EPIC 5G-Ready OnePlus 7 Pro – A Truly Outstanding Android Smartphone That is A Total iPhone XS Max-Killer (Check Out EE’s Latest Deals Here)

This is why it tops our Guide To The Best 5G Phones For 2019 And Beyond. Still, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, OPPO Reno 5G and LG V50 ThinQ with 5G are now slouches either. The OPPO has a brilliantly innovative camera and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G is still very much king of the Android hill right now.

Sharon Meadows, EE Director of Devices, Partnerships & Business Development, EE said: “We are the only network to offer 5G right across the UK as well as the widest range of 5G handsets. When you combine these with the great flexible swappable benefits we offer customers, as well as our new service packs, providing a lifetime handset guarantee and annual MOT – EE really is the number one destination for those wanting the best UK smartphone experience”.

Thinking of getting a 5G phone? Well, EE’s got some pretty sweet offers to persuade over to its network. Here’s a breakdown of all the extras you get if you switch over to EE’s 5G network:

  • BT Sport App HD HDR Access
  • Gamer’s Data Pass
  • Music Data Pass
  • EE Video Data Pass
  • Roam Further Pass

How Fast is 5G – Will You Notice Any Difference?

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In a word: YES – 5G is insanely fast. Way faster than 4G. In fact, the switch to 5G will make your 4G connection feel like 3G – or dial-up home internet.

5G will also ensure better connection fidelity in busy places, like city centres and big events like a football match or concert. How does it do this? Simple: 5G has a greater bandwidth, so it can more easily deal with larger volumes of demand.

As for downloads? You’ll be able to download entire HD films onto your phone in seconds instead of minutes. Uploads to social networks, things like pictures, will appear instantly with zero lag. And web browsing will be, well… instant. No waiting for anything anymore, basically…

The future’s here, so if you want a slice of the action, be sure to check out EE’s latest deals on 5G Android phones.