Can You Still Buy The iPhone 12 Pro Max?

by | 15/09/2021 9:26 am
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The iPhone 12 series has been replaced by the iPhone 13 range. But can you still buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Apple killed the iPhone 11 Pro Max when the iPhone 12 range launched in 2020. Similarly, with the launch and release of Apple’s new iPhone 13 lineup, a selection of iPhone 12 models are no longer available via Apple’s official store.

This is good and bad news for iPhone users. It’s bad because, oftentimes, when a new iPhone series launch arrives, the price of Apple’s outgoing iPhones goes down. This has happened with the iPhone 12 and the iPhone SE 2020 – both of which are still available via Apple’s store.

The bad news is that Apple is not selling the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max anymore, so if you were waiting for the arrival of the iPhone 13 to pick up a cheaper iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’re out of luck.

Is The iPhone 12 Pro Max Discontinued?

Apple’s iPhone 12s Pro and iPhone 12s Pro Max will feature some pretty hefty updates to their camera tech…
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Following the launch of Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup of phones, both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max disappeared from Apple’s store. Both the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro are now discontinued, at least if you want to get one via Apple.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will still be available from carriers and phone networks, however, so if you’re after a bargain in 2021, and you don’t want the iPhone 13, your best bet is to pick up and iPhone 12 Pro Max via a carrier.

Because new iPhones are always very popular, carriers and phone networks will be looking to get rid of their iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max inventory quickly, and that ALWAYS means discounts.

Case in point: the iPhone 12 Pro Max is now available via Three with a free Apple TV for £68 a month with a small £99 upfront fee. Once the iPhone 13 lands, you can expect that price to come down in more.

Given what happened to the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s pricing with the release of the iPhone 12 range, I’d expect contact prices for the iPhone 12 Pro Max to drop to around £50 a month with no upfront fee.

This will not happen until the iPhone 13 gets a release date though, so if you do fancy picking up Apple’s 2020 flagship iPhone, it might be worth waiting until the iPhone 13 range goes on sale.

What About A Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Because the iPhone 12 Pro Max is still relatively new, the refurbished market prices haven’t come down too much. In the US, you can pick up the iPhone 12 Pro Max for around $904 which is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than buying one new.

Similarly, you can now pick up the iPhone 12 refurbished for $619; that’s a pretty decent discount on the phone – it cost $799 at launch. But, again, the real savings on the iPhone 12 range won’t kick in until the iPhone 14 lands – two years is always the sweet spot with refurbished iPhones.

A better option, in my opinion, if you want to go the refurbished iPhone route would be the iPhone 11 Pro Max – that phone is now very affordable and it is still really, really good. Although it doesn’t have 5G which might be an issue for some.


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