Is The iPhone 11 Pro Max Discontinued? Yes – Here’s Why…

by | 18/08/2021 8:59 am
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Can you still buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max even though Apple has discontinued it? Here’s what you need to know…

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max is a fantastic phone. When it launched it was the most potent iPhone ever released. It had incredible battery life, an amazing camera, and a beautiful OLED display and industrial design.

But when the iPhone 12 range landed, Apple decided to kill the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The decision to discontinue the iPhone 11 Pro Max was apparently taken in order to bolster sales of Apple’s newer 5G iPhones inside the iPhone 12 lineup.

This means – officially, at least – that the iPhone 11 Pro Max was only really available to buy through Apple’s official channels for 12 months, making it one of the most short-lived iPhone releases of all time.

Can You Still Buy The iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Here’s the thing: if you don’t want or need 5G, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is still a great device. It is bigger and has better battery life than the iPhone 12 Pro, so for many, the Pro Max model was an obvious choice.

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And when a new iPhone lands, in this case, the iPhone 12 range, the price of Apple’s outgoing iPhones usually comes down quite a bit – as we’ve seen with both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

But the iPhone 11 Pro Max is AWOL; you simply cannot find one anywhere via the usual official channels – carriers, networks, and/or via Apple.

Instead, if you want to pick up the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you’re going to have to do it via refurbished channels – places like Gazelle and MRESELL in the UK – where it can be picked up for quite a bit less than you’d think.

11 Pro Max Price In 2021

When the iPhone 11 Pro Max first landed it was Apple’s flagship phone. It cost a BOMB. But in 2021, the 11 Pro Max price is a lot more accessible; it’s not cheap but it is around 40% cheaper than it was at launch – especially if you go the refurbished route.

Is The iPhone 11 Pro Max Worth It In 2021?

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max is a monumentally powerful phone; it runs on Apple’s laptop-powering A14 chipset, features a 6.5in Super Retina XDR OLED display, and features one of the most advanced camera modules ever fitted to a phone.

Apple designed the iPhone 11 Pro Max to be more durable too; it is now better at resisting water and is more robust so it won’t smash if you drop it.

What I really like about the iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, is that it comes in these awesome-looking matte finishes. Apple’s Midnight Green color option for the iPhone 11 Pro Max looks fantastic.

Is The iPhone 11 Pro Max Discontinued? Yes – Here’s Why…
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iPhone 11 Pro Max Colors

You also have color options in Gold, Space Gray, and Silver.

The main event on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, is its camera. It represented a massive update over the iPhone XS Max with its triple-lens camera module that features a brand new ultra-wide sensor and plenty of additional performance boosts.

The iPhone XS Max only had two camera modules, whereas the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle, and telephoto cameras.

The new ultra-wide sensor has a 120 degree field of view which is great for landscape shots. Its new telephoto lens has an f/2.0 aperture which lets in 40% more light than the iPhone XS’s – and more light means better-looking video and images.

You also have more advanced Night Mode and Portrait Mode options, as well as a completely revamped camera app that makes capturing videos and images all the more intuitive.

You also have support for next-generation HDR, 2x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out, and digital zoom up to 10x. For capturing images and shooting video, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is an absolute powerhouse.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max even supports 4K video capture with extended dynamic range at 24, 30, or 60fps. And, if that wasn’t enough, all three of the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s cameras can be used to capture video footage as well.


With Apple’s A14 CPU, you have more than enough power under the hood. The iPhone 11 Pro Max will be one of the most powerful smartphones on the planet for a good few years to come.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max does have 5G, but if you can live with that – I cannot get 5G where I live, for instance – then I think there is a big case for getting this phone over, say, the iPhone 12.

Plus, the lack of 5G means the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s battery life is incredible – it’ll do almost five hours more off a single charge than Apple’s more expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Also, with mobile data, you’re still covered for some pretty impressive speeds on 4G. Apple has kitted out the iPhone 11 Pro Max with advanced Intel modems bringing Gigabit-class LTE, 4×4 MIMO, and LAA to the phone for truly rapid mobile data speeds.

Where Can I Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max?

As I noted earlier: the iPhone 11 Pro Max has been officially discontinued by Apple. But that doesn’t mean you cannot still buy it – you just have to get a little savvier with where and how you shop.

I’m a huge fan of refurbished tech, and right now you can pick up the iPhone 11 Pro Max for less than the price of the standard iPhone 12 – around $630 via Gazelle.

Is The iPhone 11 Pro Max Discontinued
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It’s a refurbished model, yes, but that shouldn’t put you off – it will look and function as good as new. I’ve bought and used multiple refurb iPhones over the years and they always look and function as good as new, as you can see here.

I also like that Gazelle does financing options too, so you can spread the cost of an iPhone 11 Pro Max (around $630) over 12 or 24 months, reducing the monthly cost down to a more manageable $50 a month.

Also, keep in mind that when the iPhone 11 Pro Max got a release date in 2020 it retailed for $1200, so getting it for just over $600 a year later is pretty darn good value for money.


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