If you’re a fan of ALDI and you need a new phone, this might be right up your street. The UK budget supermarket has started selling refurbished iPhones. Specifically, the iPhone 8 (64GB) which you buy right now for £199.99.

The offer is only available online too, so you can’t pick up these phones in-store. ALDI sells a couple of refurbished iPhones – both iPhone 8 models with 64GB of storage – alongside a host of other, popular technology.


I didn’t know ALDI did this, but as it turns out they sell a bunch of electrical consumer technology products – not just cheap unlocked mobile phones. You have the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite (both are currently available today with Black Friday deal prices).

ALDI iPhone Deals

At the time of writing, ALDI has two iPhone deals for Apple’s iPhone 8 (one in black, the other in white). The white iPhone 8 deal is sold out, but you can still pick up the Black iPhone 8 w/ 64GB of storage for £199.99.

These are currently the ONLY phone ALDI is selling right now.

The iPhone 8 is now a good few years old, but the spec and hardware in the phone are still pretty decent. Apple’s CPUs are monstrously powerful, so even though the iPhone 8 is now almost four years old, the phone will still function great in 2020 and beyond.

Apple’s latest iPhone models – the iPhone 12 range – are the first iPhones to ship with 5G support. All models in the iPhone 12 range have OLED displays too. Previously, Apple kept its OLED panels for its flagship models.

In fact, Apple’s iPhone 8 design is so good, the company used it for the iPhone SE 2020 – that phone is basically an iPhone 8 with a new processor (Apple’s A13). Visually, though, the iPhone SE 2020 is identical to the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8, however, is now A LOT cheaper. If you want the iPhone SE 2020, you’re looking at £419 for the base model. With the iPhone 8, if you go with a refurbished model from ALDI, you’re looking at less than £200 – and that’s more than 50% cheaper.

For more or less the same phone.

Alternatively, if you do fancy picking up a cheaper iPhone, it is well worth looking into options from MusicMagpie – it sells a ton of awesome refurbished iPhones, from the iPhone 8 up to newer models like the iPhone 11.

Or, save yourself some money, avoid the newer and more expensive iPhone 12, and get yourself an iPhone 11 Pro – they’re now WAY cheaper on contract.