Samsung Galaxy S vs iPhone 4

Vs William Littlefield 15:13, 22 Jun 2010

Can the Galaxy possibly conquer the iPhone 4? We take a look at which phone is the better value

Samsung has been providing quite a few top-class handsets recently, covering Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and its own Bada platforms.

The Samsung Galaxy S promises a lot - taking the competent Galaxy and making it faster with a stunning screen.

However, Apple has its new competitor on the block in the form of the iPhone 4.

Can the Galaxy shoot the iPhone 4 off into space?

The Samsung Galaxy S features a 4-inch, 480x800 pixel super-AMOLED color screen.

It's massive and sharp and we'd say it's the best feature of the Samsung Galaxy S, and probably the best smartphone screen out there.

However, the iPhone 4's 640x960 pixels, 3.5 inch Retina display with a glass, scratch resistant cover, is absolutely stunning too.

The larger, crisper screen of the Galaxy S gets our vote though.

Verdict: Samsung Galaxy S


The Samsung Galaxy S features a 5-megapixel camera mounted on the back. There's no flash or an anti-shake filter, or video calling as there is on the iPhonr 4.

The Samsung's camera does allow for video recording in HD though, although we're not sure how handy it will be without a flash in low light conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy S also features a secondary camera on the front for making video calls.

Samsung's cameras traditionally produce stunning photos, so we can expect lots from the Galaxy S.

Along with the 5-megapixel camera on the back with LED flash, the iPhone 4 packs in a VGA camera on the front to allow for self-potraits and FaceTime calls.

The more powerful camera on the rear even supports HD video recording, at a resolution of 720p at 30 frames per second.

We see the flash as an advantage here because it means the iPhone is prepared for any low-light situation.

Verdict: iPhone 4


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Strange criteria you choose for comparison, but I think you missed the several important things.&#13
with IOS4&#13
you cannot mark all emails as read or unread&#13
you cannot snooze a calendar reminder&#13
you cannot play divx xvid mpeg4 wmv&#13
you cannot drag and drop media to and from device&#13
you cannot use any old usb cable and have to use itunes and quicktime&#13
you cannot have a spare battery&#13
you cannot put your HD media on a SERIES of external memory sticks (when you go on holiday, for example)&#13
facebook contacts will not sync unless the contact names are identical or you get a special app to do that ;)&#13
you will never have freedom with the front facing camera, and will be tied to apple's proprietory facetime instead of freedom with android.&#13
"processor" on the Galaxy S is the same speed, but Galaxy S has a far superior graphics processing ability and will be much faster for gaming/graphics rendering.&#13
Android OS is far more customiseable, has far more features, is open and does not "sandbox" applications like iOS does... so it is clearly superior.&#13
a few thoughts...

The Samsung Galaxy S also features a Front VGA Cam like the iPhone 4.&#13
Also, Samsung's Hummingbird Processor and Apple's iPhone 4's A4 processor are quite similar and was born from the same design (Samsung + Intensity, which Apple bought after the hummingbird was designed). It's been said that Apple might be running the processor at a lower clock speed than 1Ghz for battery life. They may or may not be using the same GPU.

New to commenting but felt compelled after reading a few articles and comments.&#13
I have just take delivery of my new Samsung Galaxy S ,and yes its a great screen wow in fact fantastic screen.... But for me it stops there!&#13
I also have a iphone 3GS and fancied the change as apple are getting greedy on pricing.&#13
However, I am a typical user average guy that wants a phone out the box that works.&#13
The internet, maps etc etc all are not working as there must be some configuring to do? Now an iphone works out the box and thats what I want.&#13
Also the samsung comes with so many apps and stuff that finding settings took a little while as well its a little crowded.&#13
There software will not work on Mac only windows platform, not helpful as I only use Macs. Also a lot of people use itunes out there but you have no made any effort from what I can see to build in some compatibility to get my music onto my phone. This alone is really put me off!!!&#13
Samsung might have a nice looking phone and better screen, but they are way of the mark when it comes to usability and user friendliness.&#13
Disappointed, and will be returning it for an iphone 4.&#13
If you had just made it easy to use from the moment you open it power it on and everything works and its not so over crowded with apps that are no use to the average user. make them downloadable and addable for free from you site.&#13
It takes me back a few years when you bought a phone and wap was not configured had the same flash back of having to go to a store and getting endless text configs to me...&#13
Back to apple, but dam your pricing, you are getting greedy.&#13

this review is not so great compared to other threads that i have read. I'm not much of a techie but as a common average person who earns just average would really want to buy whats the best not only in terms of style, looks, processors, bec at one point really, they are almost the same, only lacking in some areas here and there, as both companies have their reason for it, be it marketing or business accumen.&#13
what I really want to know from real people who cares, is that in the end of all this hype, who will eventually support their phones in terms of updating their softwares or firmwares?&#13
Iphone base on history updates their old phones even though its not perfect but atleast they dont just leave you lost whenever they produce a new phone...but for SAMSUNG, they have been known to ditch old phones for newer models, as we all know SAMSUNG is not earning thru apps but by selling new phones..SO THE QUESTION IS THIS, WE MIGHT SEE THAT SAMSUNG GALAXY S NOW IS AT PAR OR BETTER THAN THE IPHONE 4, but after a while will SAMSUNG still suppport galaxy s or will they just forget and get a new one option..i believe the true BEST PHONE must be the one that will continue to support their phones.. and i think apple have been doing we all know smartphones are only as good as they are when they have apps and with continued support, without these they are just useless hardware( I have never owned an iphone or samsung before, but i'm planning to buy one now, so i want to get whats best for a longer time than whats best now )

for the people who have the means or the support of these companies so that you can compare them apple to apple, please make a review as to who will support their phones in terms of apps and firmware upgrade after a year or so..I think this is important than just comparing their current specs and what they can do or not. APPLE ( owns their hardware and software ) while SAMSUNG ( owns hardware and uses Googles ANDROID OS) conclusion in theory only...ta dajh!! Apple have been supporting and hopefully continue to support their older phones but for SAMSUNG GALAXY S, well this will really depends on samsung now, will they or will they not support this phone after a while or will they in the future drop ANDROID AS THEIR OS and use BADA OS in teh future which will leave all galaxy S users to their despair and just say " sorry we switched sides already"

As a bit of a techie, I have been doing considerable research into my next piece of mobile phone hardware. The big question is iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S. Having used the HTC Dream (G1) for the last 18 months. I have found that the support for firmware upgrades has been dependant on the carrier, but has always come through. I have also taken considerable time in discussing the iPhone 4 with current users and found that for them, this is the best fit. At the end of all the reviews I have reviewed, I have come to this conclusion. &#13
If you have previously owned an iPhone and are accustomed to syncing your phone with iTunes and using the interface (without first jailbreaking the iPhone), you are going to want to stick with the iPhone. If on the other hand, you are after a phone where you will need to enter your gmail account details into the phone to have your email and all other features setup, go with the Galaxy S. This is to date probably the best Android phone on the market. I have been using the Android OS for the last 18 months and found it to be incredibly easy to use. Useless apps on phones are usually put there by the carrier. The Galaxy S will have all firmware upgrades applied when they are released by Google and your carrier, it is also fully supported online. Firmware upgrades and support for Android is not dependant on Samsung. The Android OS is fully customisable without first Jailbreaking. Even if Samsung change to their Bada OS, Android is still supported. By the way, Android is open source and does not have any proprietary protocols etc. like Apple do. &#13
My decision in the end is to stick with the Android OS, this leaves me a choice of the hardware to acquire. If I went with Apple I would have only one choice, which according to the reviews has signal issues that can only be resolved with a bumper case.&#13
Again, it comes down to the individual, if you have an iPhone and like the way it works, stick to it. I know people who have changed to Galaxy S. If you like to have a bit more freedom with your mobile and feel a little adventurous about what you want your mobile to do, you may want to consider the Galaxy S.

After reading the reviews I must smile.&#13
The 1st comments are totally off base. The camera and front facing video are equal if not superior to that of the iphone. Memory is upgradable and cost 1/2!&#13
Also the biggest difference is the simple fact of ease of use. If you have an Mac, stick with iphone, if you are only doing video calls to other iphone or mac your set. However, if you want to call any other phone that has video chat capabilities or any computer other than a mac your toast. I came very close to getting the iphone, until I really started to compare the bottom line, I would not be able to chat with those that have any other phone, only 2 of the 7 friend with video capable phones were iphone. Also, price of the call, on my Galaxy, video calls are FREE!&#13
Also most Android apps are FREE, even the same apps you pay for on iPhone!&#13
As for support, that really comes down to your cell phone provider. I have friends that have no support from apple when they had problems with the iphone speaker. As far as support for the Galaxy, they just announced the release of 2.2 OS with Flash 10.1 support. yeah, that hurt, some day iphone users will be able to see the other 1/2 of the websites too :)

i switch to samsung galaxy s! it's very nice! i just bought my phone samsung galaxy s 19000 it was amaizing! thak you for smart phone.. GOD BLESS everyone!!

After i review all comments and advices, I do believed that the iPhone is the best. I used the iPhone from the 1st model until i changed to iPhone 4 this year. The very best part i can clearly compare and prove to you is, TRY DROPPING YOUR IPHONE or GALAXY S FROM YOUR DESK AROUND 1 METER HIGH TO YOUR TILE FLOOR" ...see which phone will safe... :)Try it at home now..ha ha ha...

The iphone has a more crispier screen if the resolution is higher

I think I am pretty well qualified now to determine which is the better phone, having owned a Galaxy s for the past 12 months, and recently changing to the Iphone 4. I'll be honest, the Galaxy s has been nothing but a struggle from day 1. It's slow, EXTREMELY laggy, it was just so annoying. Things would take AGES to open, and at times it was just unuseable. The amount of times it stuck and had to "force close" programs was horrendous. Not, having had the iphone 4 for just a week, I can already see the operating system is so much more user friendly, really fast, and does what a phone should do, as in, when you press a button, it performs the task immediately, not after a 5-10 second delay, or not at all. There is literally no competition having owned them both, Samsung Galaxy comes nowhere near.

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