MWC 2012: Renault to build iPhone SatNav app into its Twingo

News Ben Griffin 11:08, 28 Feb 2012

French car manufacturer Renault has selected CoPilot Live as its GPS app provided for the new Oxygen Audio system

CoPilot Live has been selected as the SatNav solution to go inside Renault's new Twingo hatchback.

The partnership means Renault Twingos that come with the Oxygen Audio system will be able to get you to a destination using Alk Technologies' CoPilot Live SatNav app.

Cars might not boast a massive amount of mobile technology within them right now, but it's certainly going to start becoming the norm. In the Renault Twingo's case, the audio system lets you dock your iPhone and from that you can control all the stereo functions via the e-Renault app.

The benefit of a connected system is you can get to your destination, listen to calls and answer your phone without having to pick up the device.

It's a little bit like a glorified hands-free kit, and we're not sure looking down for directions is as safe as looking at something on the dash, but the pairing of two very necessary devices for many people makes a lot of sense.

Klaus Kremer, director of business development EMEA at ALK Technologies said: 'We are very proud that CoPilot Live has been selected as navigation provider by Renault for this ground-breaking project. It’s a demonstration of how the smartphone is becoming the hub of today’s connected vehicle.'

The e-Renault app is available as a free download and it will let you try out the SatNav technology free for 30 days. After that, all functionality except for the SatNav will work unless you purchase a full license.

The Oxygen Audio O Car system is an extra when you buy a Renault Twingo.

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