Sesame Street comes to iPhone

News Andrew Williams 11:12, 16 Nov 2009

The classic kids' TV show Sesame Street has arrived on the App Store with Grover's Number Special, a casual slice of edutainment

Sesame Street – the TV show that’s supplied generations of kids with puppet-based undercover education – has arrived on the App Store with the release of Grover’s Number Special.

True to form, Grover’s Number Special is an educational numbers game starring Grover and Charlie the cook. First off, you have to use your iPhone’s accelerometer to move a plate around the screen, trying to catch as much food as you can as it falls donward.

Then – and here’s the educational bit – you have to count how many you managed to save from the fate of the kitchen floor. Aside from this simple game, Grover’s Number Special also includes a video of a Charlie and Grover Sesame Street sketch.

Given a 3+ age rating, this game’s probably one to download for your kids rather than yourself, unless you’re an absolute Sesame Street obsessive. It’ll cost you £1.79. Hopefully it won’t be the latest Sesame Street game to hit the iPhone. Who wouldn’t want an Oscar the Grouch game on their home screen?

Download Grover's Number Special

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