Is BlackBerry Messenger coming to iPhone and Android?

News Richard Goodwin 16:39, 3 Mar 2011

BlackBerry’s massively popular BlackBerry Messenger (AKA: BBM) is apparently coming to iPhone and Android

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is coming to Android and iPhone, according to reports.

After the news that Android apps will be able to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook, it's not surprising that possibly one of BlackBerry’s biggest USPs is coming to two of its biggest competitors.

A number of trusted sources involved in the dealings told BGR that RIM is planning to bring the messenger service initially to Google's Android Market.

In addition to this, the source also went onto divulge that BBM could also be coming to iOS – although Apple’s platform is notoriously more difficult to develop for.

That’s all for now – no word on pricing, release dates or even any screen shots.

We wait for more news with baited breath.


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