iBlacklist review [iPhone]

Reviews Spanner Spencer 16:00, 20 Nov 2011

We review iBlacklist for iPhone, an app that allows you to blacklist and whitelist your contacts

An app that's as important as it is functional. Security and privacy are put completely under your control as never before. Not only is this one of the most essential jailbreak apps available, it's a feature set that all mobile phones -- and even landlines -- should include as standard in this day and age. They don't, of course, so get this app without further argument

As you'd guess by its name, iBlacklist is an app that allows you to limit who can pester you with calls and text messages. Sounds fairly obvious, and you'd be forgiven (just about) for wondering why you wouldn't just put the iPhone on silent, or in airplane mode if you want to screen your calls. Sadly, it only works for jail broken devices, which is a massive missed opportunity on Apple's side.

Screening your calls has never gone into the kind of depth that iBlacklist provides, and once you've used the app you come to realise that it offers a feature set that all mobile phones shouls have as standard -- particularly in today's world of golden privacy and voracious data protection. With your iPhone properly equipped with this app, you have complete control over who can get in touch with you.

It essentially begins with creating a blacklist (as the name suggests), which is a growing list of numbers that are blocked when they try to call you. Anyone who is fed up with call centre agencies continually pestering on behalf of the world's super corporation will already be raising an eyebrow at this app, and quite rightly. Any number can be pulled in from your iPhone's call history -- or you can enter it manually -- and no calls will come in from your telephonic aggressor.

You can also determine how that rejection is handled. If it's simply a pest, it can be redirected to voicemail immediately and automatically, or it can be rejected completely if it's more antagonistic. If you want to give them a bit of their own medicine, the app can answer then immediately hang up, or you can give them a permanently buys tone. These options are particularly useful to cover all your bases, in case you want to put off a call-happy friend with insult, or put a stop to telemarketing evils.

A whitelist option is available too, in case you only want specific people to be able to get in touch. This is the same result, approached from a different angle, but can be equally useful -- especially for Hollywood stars and the like. Calls coming from blocked or restricted numbers can also be diverted, stopped or stalled automatically, though you're always notified when an occurrence has been activated by iBlacklist's extensive notification options.

The scheduling system is another powerful screening option that activates your blacklists (or whitelists) only between specific hours of specific days. On top of this are camouflage options to hide the app -- in plain view -- on your home screen, and you can password protect it to stop anyone else tampering with your call settings. This also suggests the app's more serious side, which is parental protection for a younger user's iPhone.

If there's a downside to this essential level of control, it's the setup. As with many jailbroken apps, iBlacklist leans toward the more serious or hardcore user. That said, it's very well designed and with an accessible interface that lessens its setup heft. Be prepared to spend a bit of time getting this right to begin with, though, and ready for the automation to look after you from that point forward.

It verges on an atrocity that standard iPhones don't have an app like iBlacklist shoring up their mobile phone element. It's a powerful and beautifully designed app, but more importantly it puts you first, and puts you in charge of your own device. A few minutes setting up iBlacklist and it will seem like utter madness utter its not a standard part of all mobile phones -- not just iPhones.


Platform iPhone
Version 5.0.3
Developer Spektro
Website http://www.blacklist.com.br

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