iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs and Features: 8MP iSight, A8 CPU, Larger Display

News Clare Hopping 16:51, 23 Apr 2014

An archive of what we've heard about Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6, including specs, release date rumours, and features

Apple's annual merry-go-round of rumours and speculation seems to start earlier and earlier every generation. Rumours surrounding the iPhone 6 fired up before the iPhone 5S had even been officially announced in September 2013 so that now, even though we are months away, we already have a boatload of information regarding what the successor model might be like.

Emphasis on the might, of course, because as always Apple is wrapped up tighter than a ridiculously tightly wrapped thing, so until it lets the cat out of the bag we can't know anything for sure.
As with previous models, a big chunk of the rumour pie rather optimistically focuses on the idea the iPhone 6 will be bigger than its predecessors, with a larger display.

Apple’s two big changes with the last generation of hardware and software included the 64-bit A7 chipset and the major overhaul of its iOS platform as iOS 7, with a completely new interface and many new features. After these major upheavals, Apple’s expected to settle down into predictable territory again with iOS 8 and an A8 chip which should see improvements, but are not likely to be such major milestones.

Aside from this, there's talk of camera enhancements, solar power, mobile payments, styluses and liquid metal, amongst many other things.

One report from Chinese newspaper Commercial Times reckons Apple will shift upwards of 90 million iPhone 6 units worldwide. If that’s true Foxconn have some serious work to do as it’ll be the biggest iPhone launch of all time.

It all depends when the handset is released though, if it makes its way into pockets by July it will have half a year to sell those 90 million. Then again if it doesn’t come until September, traditionally the time of year Apple unveil them, it will have to sell 90 million in three months.

If any company could do it, Apple can. But that all depends on what it pulls out of the bag – so to read all the latest gossip on the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air as some have taken to calling it, scroll on down.

iPhone 6 Design and Display

The display size is such a crucial point on the subject of what the next iPhone will look like, and at the moment there’s no clear cut conclusion on how big it will actually be. Initially there was a lot of back-and-forth between the idea of smaller iPhone 6, either at the same 4-inch size as the current model, or slightly larger – between 4.5-inches and 4.7-inches, and the idea of a much bigger “phablet” iPhone at 5-inches or more – which means more than one handset at launch. 

Chinese analyst Sun Chyang Xu reported the iPhone 6 would arrive both as both a 4.7-inch model and a 5.7-inch version. The Wall Street Journal has also similarly reported that there will be a 4.5-inch model and a larger edition of an unspecified size. Reports from China towards the end of 2013, which cited Foxconn insiders, fit in with Cyang Xu’s predictions of both 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch versions.

South Korean investment firm KDB Daewoo Securities, a company which allegedly has a good track record for this kind of thing, claimed there will be a standard iPhone 6 model with a 4.7-inch or 4.8-inch display at a full HD 1920x1080 pixel resolution, and a larger phablet variant with a 5.5-inch display using a 2K QHD resolution at 2272x1280 pixels. Another report out of China claims to have heard from insider informants that the iPhone 6 will arrive in both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants.

In this latter report, while it is alleged the final design prototypes which have given these measurements use the much-rumoured Sapphire Glass displays, analysts are now claiming the final production models will not use the super-tough screens. It's said Sapphire Displays would be too expensive for mass production.

iPhone 6 Front Panel Leak Shows 4.7-Inch Display

Even more details have leaked on the potential larger iPhone 6. This time it’s in the form of a photograph, the image appeared on China’s social network Weibo and is reportedly taken inside an iPhone factory. Here’s the reported iPhone 6 panel next to what seems to an iPhone 5s.

If it’s true, it seems Apple wants to take on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. The photo came from an unconfirmed source and was found by French site iphone.fr. That site predicts an iPhone 6 4.1-inches high and 2.35 inches wide to hold the 4.7-inch display.

In comparison, the iPhone 5s was 3.5-inches high and 2-inches wide to hold a 4-inch display. There’s always the possibility someone is having us on and made this just for a good laugh. We are hoping it’s not. Do you like the new size of the iPhone 6? Let us know in the comments down below.

Then there’s a reported mock up of the new handset which shows a much larger screen with some rounded corners. A video has appeared on YouTube taken from the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 which shows off the slab of metal - it's in the same shape and size as the iPhone 6.

If this turns out to be true, it looks like Apple will be taking design cues from the iPad Air and iPad Mini with the rounded corners. Watch the video below, we warn you it’s not the most exciting example of the iPhone 6 out there.

This will just show you the size and shape of the phone itself. It also shows a prediction of how big the display will be.

Production As Early As May?

Reuter’s has reported that the iPhone 6 will enter production in May. There will be a 4.7-inch display version whilst the larger 5.5-inch version has been delayed. Reuters quoted supply chain sources who didn’t want to be identified.

Japan Display Inc, Sharp and LG’s Display Company have all been approached for manufacturing according to the sources. The source also claimed Apple is attempting to use in-cell touch panel technology to make the screen thinner than tech used on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Problems have arisen for this technology on the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6, so production will be delayed until a few months later. It’s possible the larger version will move to film sensor technology rather than the in-cell technology expected for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Neither the suppliers nor Apple responded to comment on the matter.

Supply chain sources are another good, er, source for Apple info. According to Brian White, an analyst with Cantor Fitzgerald who has been keeping tabs on Apple’s component buying habits, a "bigger iPhone" in the works and it has been in development for over a year.

DisplaySearch, another excellent source for accurate predictions about Apple’s forthcoming products, published the following table, detailing the display technology we’ll see inside Apple’s 2014 products.

Current Product Display New Product Display Timing
iPhone 5 4” 1136×640 iPhone 6 4.7” 1280×720; 5.7” 1920×1080 Q2’14
iPad 9.7” 2048×1536 iPad 5 9.7” 2048×1536; portrait mode, slim bezel Q4’13
New iPad 12.9” 2732×2048 2014
iPad mini 7.9” XGA iPad mini 2 7.9” 2048×1536; portrait mode Q4’13
MacBook Air 13.3” 1440×900 MacBook Air (new) 12” 2304×1440; low power 2014
Apple TV 55”, 65” 4Kx2K 120Hz LCD Q3’14
iWatch 1.3”/1.63” 320×320 flexible AMOLED Q4’14

Then there’s a Japanese financial newspaper called Nikkei which believes the iPhone 6 will come in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. The report is claiming suppliers are already getting to work on the components for the new iPhone 6.

“Manufacturers have apparently begun making such components as fingerprint sensors and chips for liquid-crystal drivers.”

“Mass production of liquid crystal display panels will start as early as the April-June quarter at Sharp’s Kameyama factory, Japan Display’s Mobara plant, and elsewhere, according to sources. LG Electronics will supply panels as well. The new handset’s display resolution is expected to be significantly higher than that of current models.”

Some of the different reports are contradicting each other, but each agrees there will be two different sized iPhone 6 models this year. It just depends on what sizes.

Apple Roadmap Hints At Larger Device And Even Bigger Phablet To Follow

Prominent KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, someone with a great track record on predicting Apple's busniess plans accurately, has published a product roadmap based on his assessments - Macrumours reports.

According to the document, which covers 2014, Apple will release a rapid succesion of devices at the end of the year's third quarter, including upgraded versions of the iPad Air and iPad Mini, an iWatch in two sizes and a 4.7-inch iPhone (which may, or may not be called the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air). It also points to an Apple TV upgrade at the beginning of Q4.

The rumours of a larger phablet variant of the iPhone will apparently not bear fruit until the end of Q4, so probably November-ish, and it'll be a 5.5-inch device. Kuo implies that both iPhone variants will feature an "all-new design" while the iWatch will have a "fashionable appearance" and come with either 1.3-inch or 1.5-inch flexible AMOLED displays covered in Sapphire Glass.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model will allegedly have a 1334x750 pixel resolution at 326 pixels-per-inch (ppi), while the 5.5-inch variant will use a full HD 1080p resolution at 401ppi - these will both be LTPS displays.

Each will have an A8 processor with 1GB of RAM, Touch ID and optical stabilisation fitted to the camera.

iPhone 6 Could Feature Large Quantum Dot Display

Publication Business Insider is claiming that Apple may begin using a new screen type for the iPhone 6 which will result in a super colourful display. Apple currently has five patents which all relate to Quantum Dot display.

How does the new technology actually work? Quantum dots are nanocrystals which are made out of semiconductors and create “quantum effects.” We know it sounds like something sci-fi, but stick with us, it’ll all make sense soon. These effects create light frequencies which mean colours appear a lot brighter and can be more accurate at displaying true colours than other technologies.

You may have seen the technology in action before aboard the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablet. It looked splendid but there were a couple of issues with light-bleed.

Apple is working with the patents it holds to try to stop that. The Apple R&D department is apparently in overdrive readying the technology for a July announcement.

How do we know the technology will be coming so soon? Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys claimed as much in an interview with Forbes. Hartlove said Apple’s designs build on Nanosys tech and it will launch by the middle of 2014.

Apple iPhone Phablet Delayed Until 2015?

Rumour has it that the phablet variant of the Apple iPhone could have been delayed until 2015 or perhaps even further. The news comes from a report published in Taiwan which claims Apple’s suppliers are struggling to find a suitable battery for the new version.

The device is so thin it needs a battery no more than 2mm thick. According to the report, the average smartphone battery is still 2.8mm to 2.9mm thick. Reportedly Apple doesn’t want to compromise on the quality of the iPhone and would rather wait to find a suitable battery than increase the handset's girth.

According to some sources, Samsung SDI and LG are both working on the technology for Apple as well as some smaller manufacturers.

The report also gave some more evidence toward the handset being named the iPhone Air. Apple wants the handset to be 6mm thick, the thinnest iPhone yet. The iPhone 5s is currently 7.2mm thick.

There's no confirmation from any other sources that these details are correct, but the sources have apparently leaked accurate details in the past, so it could well be true. Let’s just hope Apple can work out a way to make that smaller battery as soon as possible and get the iPhone Air phablet into our hands.

Patent Pending: Quantum Dot, Curved Screens and Sapphire Glass

Other reports concern patents Apple has filed. It seems the company is currently playing with a few of interesting display patents which may have ramifications for the future iPhone 6. The Cupertino-based iPhone giant has an application in place for "quantum dot-enhanced displays" which would allegedly improve colour reproduction, making it more accurate and natural.

Intriguingly, this technology uses "components that can be smaller even than biological viruses to fine-tune emitted light," according to Techcrunch. Apparently such display tech is also cheaper and easier to mass produce in a range of sizes.

A source reportedly told Bloomberg that Apple is working on two curved handsets with larger screens, with Apple subsequently filing a patent for a 'curved touch sensor'. Apple's patent suggests it would take a slightly different approach to the technology, placing the different components onto a flat surface before heating and curving it as a single entity.

Reports also indicate Apple has bought a number of furnaces to make 5-inch Sapphire Crystal displays. According to 9to5Mac, Apple bought the equipment from GT Advanced which allows the company to make 100 to 200 million 5-inch displays. The documents explaining the plans claim the two companies will work together to create bigger displays.

The machines the company has purchased meet high-quality standards and are built to produce display-grade components unlike the small pieces of sapphire used in home buttons and cameras.

The iPhone 5s' home button is constructed from sapphire. But making a display from the material is something else entirely, which begs the question: how many iPhones could Apple build with these machines?
GT Advanced has got 518 units already with another 420 machines on order which need to be assembled. Those 518 units could produce between 103 and 116 million displays per year – so more than enough, it would seem.

Your Ass Is (Sapphire) Glass

According to a new report from Forbes the iPhone 6 will see Apple no longer using Corning's Gorilla Glass and instead fully embracing Sapphire Glass technology.

The report cites an earnings report from GT Advanced, the company Apple is known to be in cahoots with over its Sapphire TouchID Home key and camera lens.

It's well established that these components will continue to be using Sapphire glass for the iPhone 6, but what's been the subject of much speculation is whether or not the entire display will use it too. The main issue here is one of expense, Forbes says Sapphire panels cost around three-to-four times the price of Gorilla Glass (which itself costs about $3 per panel). Some reports have outright said it's too expensive and Apple won't use it in full production, even though it's reportedly appeared on design prototypes.

Writing for Forbes, Mark Rogowsky claims to have analysed GT Advanced's report, specifically the company's projected estimates for the second half of 2014, and he calculates GT could produce between 50 million and 100 million Sapphire panels for Apple this year to achieve those expected revenues. In other words, he seems to believe Apple is dropping around $500-$700 million into GT for Sapphire. GT also estimates it will hit $1 billion revenue in 2015.

"This kind of volume can't be for an iWatch," says Rogowsky. "There is only one product that Apple - and GT - can get that jind of confidence around today. And that product is the iPhone."

Corning Exec Explains Pitfalls of Sapphire

Corning, the company behind the Gorilla Glass found on older iPhones, has spoken out on the disadvantages of Apple’s other rumoured display technology - Sapphire Glass. It’s hardly surprising Corning isn't a fan of the competing tech being used on the iPhone 6 display, but the company made some interesting points against Sapphire Glass.

The quotes are from Corning Glass executive Tony Tripeny, who spoke at the Morgan Stanley Technology Media and Telecom Conference.

Tripeny claimed Sapphire Glass is 10 times more expensive than Gorilla Glass which will likely shoot the price of the iPhone 6 through the roof. According to Tripeny it also weighs 1.6 times as much as Corning’s Gorilla Glass and uses 100 times the amount of energy - although it isn't clear if this is energy used in its production or to actually power the display. If it's the latter it’d eat through your iPhone battery in no time.

He also claims the product is not environmentally friendly. None of this is confirmed, it’s all from quotes from a competitor’s executive but its how Corning publically feels about the rival product. Corning claims that under testing Gorilla Glass can withstand 2.5 times the pressure of sapphire. Don’t believe it? Then check out this video courtesy of Corning.

Tripeny did give Sapphire one thing though, saying that the product is extremely tough, before adding that Gorilla Glass is, in his view, definitely better.

Extra Sensitive

Reports also suggest Apple could be working on extra-sensitive touchscreens with the ability to detect pressure as well as regular capacitive touch. The patent in question, titled "Touch-sensitive button with two levels," describes technology Apple has invented that allows the touchscreen to detect different amounts of pressure exerted upon it.

Applications—and iOS—built to take advantage of this pressure sensitive touch screen could then start executing commands based on how hard a person is touching the screen. One example of this could be a heavy touch, which generates a lot of pressure, could tell an app or button to bring up an advanced set of features or menus, while lighter touches on the same button could have it display fewer or less complex feature sets or menus.

Games could take the pressure sensitive touch screen even further. Imagine playing a first person shooter on your iPhone. Light, normal taps from your finger would let you shoot bullets from your revolver, while harder, more pressure-intensive taps would automatically switch you to —and fire—your grenade launcher.

In short, a pressure sensitive touch screen could solve the limited screen real-estate problem UI developers have with working on four-inch smartphone screens. If you need fewer buttons because the existing ones can have dual functions based on how hard the user touches them, you’ll have more space on the screen for displaying what really matters—the content of the app, be it 3D levels in a video game or the canvas in a painting application.

iPhone 6 Hardware

New Battery Design

A new leak from sources inside Apple's Asian supply network suggests that not only will the phone feature a larger battery cell but supports rumours of an all new handset design with a larger display panel.

The leaked info and images come via Chinese source MyDrivers.com, which reports the iPhone 6's battery will be rated between 1,700mAh and 2,000mAh, with the lower option being more likely. Certainly the 1,700mAh rating would be a logical step up from the previous iPhones as the iPhone 5S went up to 1,570mAh from the 1,440mAh of the iPhone 5.

The leaked photos show that Apple has moved the connector pins, suggesting the layout of the internal components has changed, which in turn implies the phone has undergone something of a re-jig. We've previously seen rumours that the phone will have an "all-new" design and that it will have a larger display, and both these factors could have caused this reshuffle.

And Then There's This Patent...

Apple files a lot of patents and some are more useful than others. But one thing most people agree on is that smartphone battery performance sucks. And it is this prickly issue that is at the heart of Apple’s aptly titled latest patent, “Inferring user intent from battery usage level and charging trends”. How this mouthful of a patent filing works is fairly simple in theory: the software learns what you do with your iPhone, how you use it and when you use it.

From here the software can determine when you need juice and when you don’t which, in turn, makes for a more efficient battery. The report also notes the system works automatically, without “user intervention or user knowledge” – spooky. “A power management action may be performed to accommodate such an unusual situation.

For example, if the battery usage level is too high compared to the daily average battery usage, power consumption of certain hardware or software may be reduced to conserve power capacity, such that the remaining power capacity can last for the estimated period of time without charging,” Apple writes. The system can also communicate with other apps, too. Basically, it will learn exactly how you use your phone over a period of time and then calibrate the handset’s power usage and battery accordingly.

“The system would be able to tell how long a flight is, determine whether a movie can be watched in its entirety with the available battery life, or determine the work schedule of the user,” added the filing.

A8 Chipset

According to DigiTimes, Apple has recruited three chip production companies to build its next-gen A8 processor. Amkor Technology, STATS ChipPAC and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering have allegedly all been drafted in for processor "packaging" processes.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is also said to be involved in the process. The report states that TSMC will "ramp up" A8 20 nanometre chip production by Q2 2014 aiming for a June launch for the handset at the earliest. Another report claims Apple has now completely ditched Samsung in favour of TSMC. Accoridng to G For Games, TSMC will now undertake production of Apple’s 20nm A8 chipset for the iPhone 6 – and that same chipset will presumably be used inside Apple’s next-generation iPads as well.

“The reason why Samsung is reportedly out of the race is because the A8 CPU is expected to be built using 20nm manufacturing process, and apparently Samsung is facing low yield production issues with the chip. On the other hand, TSMC has supposedly been able to meet Apple’s demands, and chances are that the aforementioned giant will handle all the production,” said the report.

It added: “Samsung might’ve lost this one, but whether or not the Korean giant will be able to strike a deal with Apple once the “next-next-gen” A9 processor enters production remains to be seen. The SoC will most likely be developed using 16nm / 14nm technology, and Sammy already has some experience in the 14nm scene.”

D, D, D, D...DRAM?

With the iPhone 6, Apple will be upgrading its chipset to a brand new A8 offering. One report is claiming the A8 will be attempting to bring it closer to being a “system-on-a-chip” (SoC). Currently, the iPhone 5s holds the A7 chipset which includes the CPU, GPU, cache, image processor and TouchID features all on one chipset - there is a lot currently on the chip, but it isn't a complete SoC compared to rival offerings.

Other features such as the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass processing are dealt with on the A7's companion chip, the M7 motion coprocessor andthe DRAM is separate. One report is claiming, however, that Apple will integrate the DRAM into the chipset on the A8. That doesn’t mean there won’t be an M8 motion coprocessor but it’s a step towards the full system being on one chip.

Other sources claim the two new iPhone handsets will be available in the usual 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants, plus a 128GB beast for those with lots of stuff to store. The battery is tipped to be rated at 1,800mAh while a 64-bit Apple A8 processor will use 2GB of RAM.

iPhone 6 Features: Improved Wi-Fi, Biometric Scanners, Mobile Payments And More

According to Timothy Arcuri, an analyst from US firm Cowen and Compan,y the iPhone 6 will feature improved Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

Arcuri also commented on Apple’s broader feature set, saying that updates to iOS (iOS 8) are likely to focus on things like iBeacon, Touch ID, and Passbook. Arcuri added that 2013’s iPhone 5S was just the start – or, put another way: the jumping board for this year’s products. In 2014/15 the company will focus more and more on mobile payments, leveraging services like TouchID, iBeacons and the currently (pretty useless) Passbook application.

Apple brought in a number of features with the iPhone 5S. One of these included the Touch ID fingerprint scanner which has received mixed reviews. In our review we said the fingerprint scanner works well but offers little benefit at present. It looks like Apple will be taking this to the next level for the iPhone 6 though by building in a facial recognition feature. Apple has secured a patent which uses facial recognition for its devices and it’s likely to be deployed inside the company's next-gen iPhones.

Apple Takes On PayPal and Google Wallet

Apple CEO Tim Cook has added more fuel to the fire suggesting micro payments will soon be adopted by the company. Cook said, "The mobile payments area in general is one that we've been intrigued with. It was one of the thoughts behind Touch ID."

Cook also commented on how Touch ID payments have proven popular for products such as books, movies and music. He said, “there is a lot of opportunity” to expand the system to physical shopping. We’ve been hearing whispers of Apple creating a service to rival that of PayPal and Google Wallet but this is the first time it has come from the CEO’s mouth. Would you be interested in a service provided by Apple?

Previously, word came via the Wall Street Journal which says the company is aiming to leverage the "hundreds of millions of credit cards on file through its iTunes store." The report said Apple's iTunes chief, Eddy Cue, held a meeting with unnamed industry executives to discuss possible payment infrastructure for "physical goods and services" using Apple devices. The word comes from WSJ's anonymous "people familiar with the situation."

Three other unnamed sources also revealed that Apple has put Jennifer Bailey, the company's online store executive, in charge of the development of this new payment model. Apple has not commented on the rumours.

How Apple will introduce a service isn't clear at present, although it's long been thought it will expand the TouchID fingerprint scanner functionality into a wider range of functions including mobile payment.
While mobile payments from other companies are yet to signficantly take off, it's conventionally been thought that such services would do so via NFC tech, however, Apple has actively steered clear of NFC, so it will be interesting to see what other methods it could put in place.

iPhone 6 Camera: Building On From The iPhone 5s

China Post reports that it has heard from Nomura Security, a Chinese firm, that Apple will still use the existing 8-megapixel iSight sensor present in the iPhone 5S but will make further tweaks to improve imaging quality. One such change is said to be the addition of optical image stabilisation (OIS).

Another source – this time Apple Insider – had this to say: "People familiar with the matter have told us Apple will likely forego a high-megapixel camera in its 2014 iPhone offerings, in favor of tweaking other image-enhancing components. In other words, megapixels are less of a priority for Apple than overall image quality."

Adding further legitimacy to the claims, the US Patent & Trademark Office has received a patent application from Apple for an OIS setup and improved autofocus technology. This will include "voice coil motor actuators" for allowing the lens to adjust with movement. The move is a believable one, as Apple has previously emphasised its reluctance to upscale the megapixel count, instead insisting it will concentrate on tweaking its existing hardware.

Autofocus Improvements

Apple has filed for a patent with the US Patents office which details a new camera stabilization mechanism which is likely to make its way into the iPhone 6. The “VCM OIS actuator module” will act to reduce image blurriness and will help improve the autofocus speed on the iPhone’s camera.

The new VCM OIS system is designed to compensate for hand movement when taking a photo or video.
This new design also has the lens and image sensor attached together which should make manufacturing the cameras a simpler process.

Some are arguing the iPhone is falling behind other competitor’s flagship devices in terms of image quality as the cameras are 8MP compared to 20MP cameras on the Sony Xperia Z1 and Nokia Lumia 1520. Maybe so. But as the iPhone 5s proved with its exceptionally good imaging capabilities: megapixels aren't everything.

After testing the iPhone 5s' camera out and seeing what it was capable of, we're dying to see how the setup will be improved aboard the iPhone 6. Could we also see full HD slow-motion video added? You bet your ass we could.

"Lytro" Camera

Apple's latest intriguing patent suggests it may be prepping Lytro-like capabilities for the iPhone 6's camera.
If you're not aware of Lytro, it's a type of camera which allows you to capture an image and then dynamically select (and re-select) a focal point at a later date using something called "plenoptic" technology. The technology means photography can be far more of a "fire and forget" affair.

Apple's patent details a "digital camera including refocusable imaging mode adaptor", according to AppleInsider. While no specific mention has been made of the iPhone 6, Apple will need to continue to enhance its camera technology in order to remain competetive.

Previously, Apple has outlined that it would rather tweak its 8-megapixel iSight hardware for better performance than simply up the megapixel count, and it's an approach which has been met with plenty of critical acclaim for the iPhone 5S's impressive imaging capabilities.

According to Techradar, the patent "even makes reference to the Lytro camera as prior art but adds that certain adjustments can be made in the quality of picture."

It's known that before Steve Jobs died he met with Lytro's founder to discuss a partnetship and this patent was filed in September 2011, just before Jobs' death. Numerous reports indicate many of Apple's products released since Jobs passed away have been developed in accordance to roadmaps he already laid out and it's feasible the iPhone 6, complete with a Lytro-like camera, could be part of his posthumous plan. 

iPhone 6 Release Date

Apple is gearing up for the biggest iPhone launch, well, EVER. According to reports, Foxconn – Apple’s manufacturer – is tipped to be landing a contract to build some 90 million iPhone 6 units. And that’s just for 2014. 

“Buoyed by shipments of iPhone 6, Apple's smartphone shipments are expected to rise 23 per cent in 2014 compared to 13 per cent growth posted a year earlier,” said Citigroup Global Markets Wei Chan. 

If we assume this 90 million figure is accurate – emphasis on “assume” – then we could be looking at an earlier launch and release, according to BGR. “Apple sold 50 million iPhone 5S handsets, launched in October 2013, before the end of the year. If it expects 90 million iPhone 6 sales by the end of 2014, it must either be planning for significantly higher demand, or an earlier release date.”

Multiple reports have indicated Apple’s iPhone 6 will arrive in June 2014, while others suggest the company will stick to its annual September launch. The subject of multiple handsets also throws a spanner in the works. While Apple launched the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C side-by-side at the same event, some reports are saying a launch will be staggered.

Chinese analyst Sun Chyang Xu claims the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will appear in June while a 5.7-inch phablet variant will follow later, although it isn’t specified exactly when. Other reports have suggested both models will appear in September. A report from KDB Daewoo Securities pegged two iPhone models for arrival in Q2 or Q3.

Either way. Things are beginning to look very interesting, indeed. 

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I have a 3GS and loved it at the time. I skipped the 4, 4S and 5 because there was really nothing particularly compelling about them. I view Apples mentality being that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The only thing I truly liked was the look and feel of iOS. Now my phone is old and the hardware is failing. If Apple doesn't step up with something new and compelling I'm switching to Android like most of my friends already have done.

**troll and fandroid alert**

The iPhone is a true cell phone,, I can operate it with one hand comfortably,,, I am not hoping for a bigger screen,, if they go edge to edge, remove home button,and expand the screen to fill out the device ,that would be great for me,,besides all the gimmicks , the iPhone is a clean and reliable device,,

The so called "plastic iPhone" "budget phone " or whatever looks like a 5 with a plastic case on it. BS. These are rumors and nothing else.

"It would take an elephant, balanced on a pencil, to break through a sheet of graphene the thickness of Saran Wrap."

A person making a statement about durability loses quite a bit of credence when they imply something as absurd as the idea that an elephant standing on a pencil would break graphene, yet wouldn't break the wooden pencil it was standing on. Unless, of course, the product they are trying to sell is a "stronger than graphene" pencil.

Could they make a chip that lets you download your pictures from the iPod touch 5 onto your computer?? Cause i really need it

This article is a bunch of speculation that anyone can figure out themselves.

So, in terms of everything you "know" about the iPhone 6 - it could bigger, it might have longer battery life, it will probably run a later incremental version of iOS 7, it is probably going to be more expensive, and past experience suggests it will launch after the iPhone 6. Wow! Who is your source ? Tim Cook ? In all seriousness, I am sick to death of headlines that imply actual knowledge about an upcoming product, only to reveal that it is educated guesswork. Why not just be honest, and say here is what we think will be in the next iPhone - lets face it, your guess is likely to be as incisive as the next person's....


Hahaha, it's funny because you were wrong ;)

no comments

nothing to declare

Well a lot of people don't want a bigger screen size. If you like big screen sizes so much then just switch to android. For myself however, I like screens not to big so Apple is my choice.

Its all about the flat version. All devices, UI and many design are getting flat. As many other has usually prefer the Flat UI in their website, mobile design and many more.

Ha you find it "disgusting", how easy it to use one hand on a galaxy s4 it's simply too big for one handed use, which is why I have opted for an iPhone :)

Having an octa core doesn't make it the best phone in the world, the iPhone 5s is far superior in speed etc.., so 5s is the best phone in the world :)

Hi Simple question:Can I use it in bright sunlight ?

It will have an wide screen and quite really good pixel in screen. More button would be added into the iPhone 6.

Who cares how many cores it has? Yeah, that makes for a fast phone, but it doesn't make for a better phone necessarily. I'm mainly about user experience, not tech specs, and Apple still wins that battle for me. Have used my friends' Galaxies and it's just not as...smooth, for lack of a better word. Still love my iPhone.

they need a 4.7 and 5.5. That would bridge to the ipad size.

about time that they whill make a bigger iphone.......... changed my iphone 4s for a galaxy note 2 because the size of the display is much better for multimedia on a phone. And don't come with but the iphone 5 has a bigger screen...... yeah right a 4 inch!! pfff just to tiny! I think that apple really need to step up or they whil loose a really big fan(me), and proberly a lot more fan's world wide.

its so hard and difficult to use 2 hands on a phone......... no please apple don't make the iphone bigger because just want to pinch and zoom all the time so that i can see thinks better :) !!! just give it a go and try a bigger phone for a couple of weeks, when you switch back to the small iphone's you know i'm right. Only the best thing is the build quality of the iphone's! And I was a big apple fan (was owner of a macbook (air), imac, ipad 3 32gb wifi & 3g(also feel fucked by apple for releasing ipad 4 within couple of months!) but because of the screen issue i switched to android and loving it!

Release date in december 2013 please

Fanboys are so adorable. They said the same thing about folders, voice-prompted turn-by-turn navigation, multitasking, voice-control, LTE, pull-down notifications, control hubs that didn't require drilling down 20 levels. When Apple copies another Android feature 3 years behind the curve, Apple fans will tell anyone who will listen how much more elegant the iPhone implementation is. Even broken Apple Maps was better than Android's. Antenna Gate just showed how sophisticated Apple products and customers were.

Lmao guy said iPhone 5s is the best in the world do you even look at other phones ?

The 5.7 display would ensure I upgrade from my current 4S...been waiting a long time...

You sound like a hypocritical Android fanboy

My prediction for Apple products:
iPhone(Air?) 2014 - A7, larger and better screen(~4,7 and IGZO) because Apple use battery close to IP5S-screen must be more energy efficient, other changes - camera improvements?thinner.
iPad's 2014 - A7 and cosmetic changes-better screen(IGZO?), fingerpint sensor, better camera
A8 processor - apple TV(iScreen) need POWER(4k screen!)
- better GPU- variant of PowerVR6x -
- support for LPDDR4
- HW compression (H.265-NEVC)- AlgoTrim acquisition
- HW support for gesture recognition
2015 - A9(VPU=CPU and GPU combination) and new line of MacBook

only time verify the accuracy of predictions...

Are you kidding lol. Lets make a curved screen!

Judging by their lead in the north american market Id say Apple consumers don't want a bigger screen.

I guess you don't follow their fantails since he came in eh?

The iPhone 5s is still faster than galaxy s4 even though it has an octa core processor, diickhead

Typical Apple, slowly bleeding out technology and specs that are 2 years old. Why not give us a 4.5 or 4.8" screen with the 5S?

3gs??? Wow, that's very stone aged. Everthing about 3gs sucks.

Why not go back to the size of the first portable cell phones from the 80's (THE BRICK)? Come on guys at APPLE, get real! All you nuts that want bigger displays, buy an iPad or a laptop. The cell phone was designed for palm sized communications and not as a computing tool. I think the iPhone 5 size is large enough and to go the way of bigger you are now getting into the iPad mini. I think the folks at Apple are smoking to much dope and are missing a market that really needs a water proof or at minimum a water resistant device so that when it's raining or if you are a watercraft enthusiast you might enjoy a slightly better protected device without having to purchase these aftermarket protectors that make your phone now a behemoth of a device. Guess we're getting close to the holidays and all the FRUIT CAKES are out whining again. THE IPHONE IS BIG ENOUGH!

If Apple doesn't step up with something new and compelling I'm switching to Android like most of my friends already have done...

Dude they have put out more than enough for you to upgrade. your using a flinstone phone trying to compete with everyone who stays with the tech curve. However go ahead, switch to a android like all of your friends. Jump on that bandwagon, you'll regret it.

how are ya to replace your iPhone 5 because it's so damn fragileits lips of your laugh and your floorboard of your car it breaks why do you want to keep buying phone after phone after phone grow up and get a droid

Great looking device

I got so bored of wasting for a bigger screen to replace my iphone 4. The 5 and 5s were both pretty underwhelming. So I bought a Samsung GS4. Best decision ever, shame because I like apple - but they missed the ball on this.

i cant wait to have you iphone6..so much excited!!!

Switched to android about a year after the iPhone 4 came out. Im contemplating getting a 5s too but the htc one is one good ass phone. So no, I don't regret switching so stop bitching saying iPhones are better than androids if you don't even use an android phone

It you don't have an IPhone, YOU DON'T HAVE AN IPHONE.


I don't buy a new phone every year....if I had an iPhone 5 i wouldn't buy the 5S but I didn't I bought the 5S new after owning my GNEX. Think about it in a different way, smaller upgrades = less fragmentation and easier product support companies produce more accessories etc etc...many benefits for both Apple + Suppliers + Accessory Makers. You buy a Samsung S3 and you will have trouble finding support / accessories in a year or so.

hi there perfect iphone a 6.2 inch iphablet 2.5 gb ram 256 gb flash storage i am useing nokia 1520 6 inch screen 2 gb ram 16 gb flash storage iphablet is big as biggest android and windows 8 phone i will be first on waiting list apple needs too realy make this iphablet alwsoume

Thank god Apple is patenting this stuff... We all now how samsung will be trying to take stuff..

I like your suggestions for display and processor they have to make device that can use 64 bit processor more effectively. One more thing is that they have to increase screen size to 5 so its look much better and cool...

So true!. I can't find a proper cover for my galaxy s4, all the great accessories are for iPhones, checked louis Vuitton for a case, only had for iphones, even Swarovski is too slow with Samsung covers...
In terms of the use, I used iphone for 3 years and changed to htc x one and then now have Samsung s4...
The htc was terrible, because of the very short battery life, but amazing camera...
The iphones were great with support and everything
I do like my Samsung s4, mostly for it's bigger screen but I miss the iphone a bit
If apple brings out a much sexier iphone 6, I will definitely switch ;)

small screens makes me get a head ache, it's not good for pple that use their phone long periods of time

not true at all, I have an S4 and it's very easy to hold... At least apple owes it to their customers to give them a bigger screen option as well instead of releasing the silly 5c for colourfulness....

As long as there's a bigger screen longer battery life and quality I'll switch from Android I rather have Quality than a plastic trash feel androids have. Plus apples ios is far better optimization Makin it smooth as butter

Copying samsung too much, especially the ' I watch

Might as well wait for the iPhone 6s in 4 months after the release date lol

You can get the 5s. It has a touch id sensor (fingerprint scanner) you can use it instead typing in your password to apple when you're buying something or unlocking your iphone and also it runs ios 7 the iPhone 3GS and lower stinks and everything above it is good and the iphone 5s runs siri which started when the iPhone 4S came out.

Why are people that have or are talking about androids even on a iPhone article

We will see more iPhones exploding with the new samsung processors.

Lol, apple fanboys ganging up on android users, obviously takes more than one to get enough excuses to match 1android user, android rules!!!!

Smell a bit of bs....

Funny how iPhone users slag android companies.... who makes the all beloved boastful 64 bit processors for the iphones..... Samsung

dont get the Htc , i have 3 friends that the speakers are failing on there phones , one speaker died and the other two crackle

yeah cause you sound so Grown up.

will the 6 be waterproof????

but im a fangirl.

Guys, stop fighting. Apple and Android are both great in their own ways. I own an iPad Air, iPod Touch, and an Android Tablet. I love both OS's for their own reasons.

No, you can't! What are you, from the stone age? <sarcastic grin=""></sarcastic>

It's the other way around. Remember the $1B case against Samsung?
Had used S2 then S3 but nothing really matches the user experience given by the iPhone. It's not about the megapixels, ram/video GBs/MBs that count. Wake up Samsung, you're like that big guy with bulking muscles and a big truck with a 1-inch d*ck!

to all the android fans on here stop lying to your selves apple products last longer work better and hold their value a lot longer than anything android i currently have a galaxy note 3 and i can honestly say its crap got it to see what the fuss is about should have known better ios will allways be better than android switching back to 5s

posted on my Ipad

All fine and dandy…and I agree, the iPhone is a true cell phone in its current size, but, if Apple really wants world domination - especially in China, make a phone with a screen size the same as Samsung Note 3. I am from Canada, but have lived in China for 3 years…the BIG problem with Apple sales, is Chinese market likes the bigger screen on their "phone"….the market is asking for "apples"….give them "apples"….Apple…..

hey samsung..try to save ur self nw.. bcz ur dad is coming soon....

I had the 4s got a little bored after a year, bought the HTC one unlocked. Loved it even recommended it to my friends but I got bored after 1 month due to the size. And went and bought the 5s! Which I love and I'm happy with it :D simplicity and ergonomicaly sound.

Seems the pump their phones too loud with too much base mine was perfectly sweet and still is.

FYI all my friends have the s3,s4 and the older models tend to slow down and suck after some time. Then they have to flash the thing time and time again, maybe it's the software updates ? Either way you don't get that problem with apple products ;)

Rumors suggest Apple may debut its iWatch product sometime in 2014.

I switched to Galaxy S3 from iPhone 4 a bit more than a year ago. It was great for the first 5-6 months. Then comes the trouble... Terrible battery life, so I had to get a bigger capacity battery ($70). A couple months later GPS gave up on his life...No more GPS for me. Then, to make a phone call you have to restart the phone otherwise calls out gets cancelled. From time to time phone is not detected by PC. Android updates are the worst. Even though, Samsung knows there is a ton of problems with a firmware, no updates available. I just hope my S3 will live until new iPhone comes out to finally switch back. The only thing keeps me from not getting a 5S is a screen size...would really love to see 4.7" iPhone.

must be from China

haha good one !!!

When the iphone 6 is going to be released

Surely that depends how big your hands are? A tall guy vs. a small girl ... the guys hand will be maybe 50% larger surface area. So why is there only 1 option for phone size?
Inb4 switch to Android --> Android sucks, I much prefer iOS. I am just stuck with a kids size phone.

I went from iPhone 4 to SG3 to Lumia 925 then to iPhone5S. I plan to keep this phone for the next 2, 3 or more years. It's just a more superior product and comfortable in my hand and in my pocket. I hope they retain products with this size even when they've adapted to bigger displays.

Fuck all these upcoming phones.
Make a phone with speakers in front like HTC 1.
Water proof as Sony Z1 (including water proof skull candy headsets).
Camera as Nokia 1020.
Software interface as good as Samsung touch wiz.
With the fastest processor of an Iphone 5s, icnluding the durability of an Apple Iphone.
OS that runs legendary computer apps.
Screen size & display as awesome as LG G2.
As thin and light weight as Alcatel One Idol Ultra.
Battery as good as Lenovo P780.
And look something new instead of standard square and 0 shapes...
Price cheap as China phone.

Fuck yeah!!! Which company has balls to make this perfect phone???

Why can't APPLE forget about their AppleTv & AirPlay and let us us WiDi, Miracast and bluetooth? It would make iPhones and Macs much much better!

iPhone is awesome but are falling slowly, we miss you Steve

How is he a hypocrite? Do tell. I like both and everything he says was right.

because you bought all the bad $100 ones expecting them to be as good as the new stuff samsung has

there's nothing new or special about iphone 6 it looks just the same as the 5 and 5s or maybe just maybe the 5C

I'm waiting for iphone 1+1+1+1+1+1=sooooon

I hate Samsung touchwiz user interface that lags so I bought Iphone 5s all my friends laughed at me why did I change from note 3 {master piece} to kids phone .but after two months I done a benchmark test with a galaxy note 3, iphone 5s which has 2 cores was lost with just 100score difference from giant masterpiece note3 which has exynos 8 core processor

tomorrow morning............................GET DOWN TO THE STORE NOW!!

Listen, I've had a good read about the iPhone6 AND I WANT ONE NOW. the 5S is a great phone but needs to be a bit bigger. Com'on Apple.....pull ur finger out and get cracking

I want a bigger screen.I wanted a bigger screen when the iphone 5 came out. It didn't have a very big screen. Something the size of a S4 would be cool. I'm not greedy.

yeah it must be from china, truely it is and where do you think iphone was made? haha duh idi*t are always idi*t..

I've used both platforms and prefer iOS maybe because my first was an iPhone 3G and currently using the iPhone5. Tried Galaxy S and S2 after, both had lag and crashing issues. Something i've never experienced with iOS

The BEst Smart Phone eVER iS iPHONE ... am anxiously waiting for iphone 6 ,..... can anybody tellss the exact date of launch

You're probably too stupid to figure out how to use an Android phone. No wonder you like crApple.

Everything about the 3gs sucked? Are you kidding me? I have dropped my iphone a million times and its had a hard life as a 3gs, yet it continues to work and have never had a problem with it (touch wood). It's 5 years on and the ONLY thing i want improved is the camera. So many people have their new iphones breaking... I'll stick with my reliable 3GS

Apple gadgets are too costly. Moreover if i can get the same feature and same apps at 1/5th of price of iphone then why should I buy a iphone.

Not to mention Iphone chip is made by samsung !

Apple needs go step it up big time. I like my iphone dont get me wrong but apple is taking away so much. Its all about the money now and taking over the market. For such a smooth phone it has so many limits. Multitasking is the biggest one. This is the longest iv had a phone and not had issues. Most phones last me 9-12 months I'm going on two years with this phone. Unless apple keeps up with rest of world I'm going back to android. I need a phone i can do more with and one thats not nickeling and dimming me every time i turn around. Not just iPhones either its iPods iPads as well. They have taken a lot of choices away in app store not to mention preloaded apps needs extra devices such as nike app. Prices of the devices should be enough. Shouldn't have to shell out more money for something apple prides its self on having to start with. The ISO is more stable than android by far but that alone is not enough to keep me happy enough to buy brand new devices. Come on apple catch up with rest of the world. At this rate iPhone will be thing of the past unless theres a big change.

What's with this speculating about the iPhone 6. Unless I'm mistaken, that's not until October of this year. Can't you chaps wait until at least summer before the rumour mill kicks off.
We're only going to end up with another basic offering anyway so don't waste your breath

We don't run the rumour mill, we just report it - it's been running for a while now though, pretty much since the iPhone 5S launched (in fact a little bit before). You'll find the same info on any other tech site you happen upon, I don't really see what the big deal is.

I have both iphone and android phones, so for all the fan boys here it doesnt matter what you choose each has it adv- and dis- i love both worlds. At the end it depends on what you need.

Pay attention perhaps?
Btw "sk8rat" seriously?

If that is the case then that is very poor design. It shouldn't be possible to damage your phone speakers by playing your music too loud. The speaker will have some limit, the amplifier driving the speaker should not be capable of exceeding that limit.

Tim Cook...Samsung are selling more that you.And you don´t want to do in iphone 6 4.7" a full hd screen?.If Steve Jobs hold up his head...

i phone is best to use i think. it over coming the bad feedbacks. more update and more apps easy to use . i think it will have features and apps .. i have used both applications .. iphone is the best for use .. or any minus is there ?

It will be good to have Dual SIM support in iPhone6

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