Best iPhone 5C cases: Keeping it colourful for 2014

Bests Paul Briden 12:43, 28 Jan 2014

After a cover for your iPhone 5C? We've compiled a list of some of the flashier options

You've got an iPhone 5C, it's fairly durable thanks to the polycarbonate shell and certainly looks nice enough due to the eye-popping colours, but you're looking for an added layer of protection which doesn't compromise on looks. Rest easy, here we've assembled a selection of some of the more eyecatching iPhone 5C cases which won't turn your handsome handset into a blocky and boring lump.

Proporta ninetysix - £9.95-£14.95

The Proporta ninetysix is described as a “no-fuss” case choice made from “tough materials” to protect agains scratches and scuffs.

However, it’s not a big bulky shell, with its slimline design closely fitting the iPhone 5C’s contours. It also features port and button holes to ensure you have unrestricted access to your iPhone.

Available in black, blue and purple, or a clear version for £9.95.

A custom “Union Jack” edition is also available for £14.95 if you feel like adding some patriotic swag now that the Olympics and the Royal Wedding are distant memories, as well as new Christmassy editions for the same price, featuring reindeers and penguins.

Proporta Splatter Paint - £14.95

The Splatter Paint from Proporta is largely similar to the ninteysix but embraces the iPhone 5C’s fun and colourful side with a series of bright paint splats across its surface.

Incipio NGP - £14.99

Incipio makes the NGP flexible case for a range of handsets and it’s a good looking option on all of them, including the iPhone 5C.

The “Flex2O” material is stretch and tear resistant and shock absorbant. Port and button openings provide easy access to your phone’s functionality, it has a smooth matte finish and comes in a range of seven semi-transparent colours, including one called “Frost” which lets your iPhone’s colourful bodywork show through.

Incipio Feather Clear - £14.99

The Incipio Feather is another case the company makes for several models, like the NGP it is form-hugging but it’s made from rigid polycarbonate materials for a different feel.

For the iPhone 5C the Incipio Feather Clear seems like a particularly good choice as you can see the phone underneath.

As with the NGP, it comes in a range of semi-transparent colours, seven in fact, including a “Clear” one if you want to show off the iPhone 5C’s coloured back panel without adding another shade to the mix.

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid - £19.99

The SGP Neo Hybrid looks pretty jaunty thanks to its two-tone design which comes in satin silver, metal slate or infinity white.

The colour names relate to the rigid polycarbonate outer frame while the back panel is black on all three and features a soft, shock-resistant inner layer for added protection and durability.

It’s a slim-fit design with full port and control access.

Pinlo Slice 3 - £14.99

The Pinlo Slice 3 might have a weird name but it’s another slim-fitting plastic case made from colourful translucent material.

The manufacturer claims it’s the “world’s thinnest iPhone 5C case” as it measures a mere 0.3mm thick, but apparently this doesn’t compromise strength as it’s made through a plastic injection process.

Colour options include a range of bright hues selected to compliment the iPhone 5C colours, including yellow, red, blue, green, “white clear”, black and pink.

SwitchEasy Nude - £14.99


No don't worry, there's no loss of modesty here.The SwitchEasy Nude follows Apple’s own design ethos with a nice simple and minimalist shape made from 1mm of tough polycarbonate.

It features covered buttons which work with the handsets own keys while the rest of the handset is given a coating of soft-touch matte material for a more rewarding feel in the hand.

In keeping with the Apple-friendly theme, the Nude comes in complimentary Apple-style colours: SuperClear, pink, yellow, blue and green.

SwitchEasy Melt

The SwitchEasy Melt is one of several more playful cases by SwitchEasy. It’s not exactly classy, but maybe classy isn’t what you want, and if you’re looking for something which stands out the Melt will certainly do just that.

It features a sculpted 3D melting liquid design cascading down the back panel in a range of contrasting and vibrant colour schemes, including Halloween (black with orange goo),  Shocking Pink (blue with pink goo), Hot Gold (pink with shiny metallic gold goo), Gasoline Black (black with black goo), Marshmallow White (orange with white goo) and Toxic Lime (pink with lime green goo).

Just because it’s a bit crazy looking doesn’t mean SwitchEasy has compromised on durability, with the Melt being made from scratch resistant polycarbonate.

SwitchEasy Monsters

Carrying on the wacky theme from the SwitchEasy Melt, the SwitchEasy Monsters features a similar sculpted design but this time adds a gurning monster mouth to the rear panel of your iPhone 5C.

lovely stuff.

SwitchEasy Odyssey

The SwitchEasy Odyssey is a bit of a Marmite cover, some people are definitely going to hate its segmented panel design while others will adore it.

We think the coloured versions look better than the black and white variants, with both Ion Blue and Laser Green looking pretty sharp.

Metalix Book - £10.99

Sometimes you might want more than protection for your iPhone 5C and the Metalix Book case offers a flip-open folio design complete with folding kickstand for helping with multimedia viewing.

The Metalix Book features a faux leather finish, camera port opening and two slots for storing credit cards inside the flip-front.

Available in pink, white, black, light blue or light purple.

Krusell Frostcover - £9.99

The Krusell Frostcover is another semi-transparent option which complements the iPhone 5C’s bright colours by offering several of the same hues and a few extra ones to tone with.

The translucent polycarbonate material keeps things safe but shows your iPhone’s logo underneath.

Available in pink, black, white, green, blue, yellow and purple at £9.99 each, the Frostcover is slim fitting, lightweight and features openings for ports and buttons.

GENx Bumper Case - £9.99

This cheap and cheerful case fits snugly around your phone, giving you access to every port and button but also protecting it from scratches and scrapes. It's made of shock absorbing rubber and polycarbonate - so it's build to endure almost anything.

Bling My Thing Milky Way Collection Case - £19.99

It's here, it's bling so get used to it. This gem-encrusted iPhone 5C case isn't for everyone but those with a love of ice will like it very, very much. The crystals even have "Swarovski elements", according to the manufacturers. Very posh.

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