iPhone 5 front panel picture leaked

News Paul Briden 12:46, 16 Jul 2012

Pictures have leaked online showing the iPhone 5's front panel and screen size

Pictures of the iPhone 5’s front panel have emerged on the web, ahead of the device's official launch thought to be happening on August 7.

So far, earlier leaks have only shown the aluminium back panel and this is the first glimpse of what the front of the device will look like.

The pictures come via Chinese Apple blog, Apple.pro. As you can see, it has kept plenty of the iconic iPhone styling from previous handsets, including the distinctive round home button. It also matches the earlier leaks of the back panel in appearing like a stretched iPhone 4.

But, although it’s difficult to discern a sense of scale, it does look as though the iPhone 5 will feature a larger 4-inch screen as rumours have suggested – this one appears to have a widescreen aspect ratio, perhaps 16:9.

The FaceTime front-facing camera has also moved slightly so it’s now centrally positioned.

Last week Know Your Mobile exclusively revealed that Apple would launch the iPhone 5 on August 7, according to our industry sources who wished to remain unnamed.

We’re now hearing reports that Apple’s Chinese factories have kicked off production which means the countdown to an official announcement is already underway.

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