See how Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and more compare!

Wondering what’s the most popular web browser in 2022? Wonder no longer! A new report out sheds some light on which browsers are most popular across the globe–and the results may shock you.

Here’s what you need to know…

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What Is A Web Browser?

A web browser is an application that allows you to access websites and services over the Internet. You are reading this article in a web browser right now. Many major tech companies have their own browsers.

For example, Google makes the Chrome browser, Microsoft makes the Edge browser, and Apple makes the Safari browser.

However, there are also dedicated companies whose main product is a browser. This includes companies that make the Firefox browser, the Opera browser, the Brave browser, and more.

Web browsers used to be limited to desktop operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux. But with the advent of smartphones, desktop browsers have moved to the mobile arena.

Right now most major browsers are available on mobile, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and more.

How Are Browsers Different?

Web browsers differ in a number of ways. Everything from their user interface to features to privacy and security tools can and often are different.

For example, if privacy and security are your things, you are best off using a browser like Apple’s Safari or Mozilla’s Firefox.

If you want ultimate web compatibility and a wealth of extensions, Chrome is likely your best bet.

No matter what browser you use, it is likely to have features unique to it.

Can I Use More Than One Browser At A Time?

Yep – and many people do. Nothing is stopping you from using both Safari and Chrome on your Mac, for example.

As a matter of fact, using two different browsers can help improve your privacy and security online. This is because you can use one browser for general web search and leave little trace of who you are if you never log into websites via that browser. Then you use a second browser for the sites you do need to log into–such as your social media sites, banking sites, and other community forums.

Are Web Browsers Free?

Yes – most web browsers are free downloads. The companies that make the browsers want as many people to use them as possible, so they make them freely available.

How Do Web Browsers Make Money?

Some web browsers don’t have the aim of making money for the companies. For example, Mozilla, which makes Firefox, is a non-profit. Apple’s Safari doesn’t really make Apple money, but the company has its own browser so it can better tie users into its ecosystem and services.

But then there are browsers like Google’s Chrome. The more you use Chrome, the more Google can know about you, which helps them target you better with relevant ads.

What Is The Most Popular Web Browser In 2022?

Thanks to a report from atlasVPN, we now know what the most popular web browser in 2022 is. It’s Google Chrome–and by a long shot.

Here’s how the top browsers of 2022 stack up:

  1. Google Chrome: 3.3 billion users
  2. Apple Safari: 1 billion users
  3. Microsoft Edge: 212 million users
  4. Mozilla Firefox: 179 million users
  5. Samsung Internet: 149 million users
  6. Opera: 108 million users

So as you can see, Google Chrome owns the browsing market across desktop and mobile. Apple’s Safari is a distant second, yet it now has over 1 billion users worldwide–mainly thanks to the fact that it comes bundled on the iPhone.

Microsoft’s Edge, Mozilla’s Firefox, and the Samsung Internet and Opera browsers all trail far behind, rounding out the top 6 browsers worldwide.

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