Running multiple Instagram accounts? Use this trick to instantly and quickly switch between Instagram accounts…

If you have multiple Instagram accounts running on your phone, switching from one to the other, while easy enough, can take a little longer than most of us would like. But what if you could do it instantly with just a single click?

Turns out you can! And I stumbled across this little hack completely by accident. This hack is super-simple too: all you have to do is double tap on your profile’s icon (on Android, it is located on the bottom right of your display). Do this, and Instagram will then switch to your other account.

Here’s a visual of how it’s done…

How To Switch Between Instagram Accounts With A Single Click

How To Instantly Switch Between Instagram AccountsPin

And that’s it! Pretty simple, right? Now, if you’re using Instagram for business, there are quite a few things you need to know, not least how to increase your followers from a few hundred to over 60,000.

Instagram itself, like most things, requires plenty of focussed effect. Get it right and Instagram can be like rocket fuel for your business, helping you boost sales and earn a ton more revenue.

Get it wrong and, well, you’ll have an Instagram that ends up looking like ours – its unloved, never used, and generally a complete waste of time!

If you’re interested in learning the dark arts of Instagram domination, your best bet is to learn from the masters – and this course is fantastic. Suitable for absolute beginners, it will guide you through all the necessary steps you need to take in order to turn your Instagram account from a nothing page to an established brand.

And best of all, all the tips are super actionable, so you can apply them as you go through the course. In 2021, this is probably the best (and most useful) Instagram course on the market – that’s why it has so many good reviews.

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