Instagram’s most recent feature to get users to stay within their app is voice messaging. The company has long had direct messaging (DM) available in the app. DM’s allow you to get your Instagram followers, as well as send them photos and GIFs.

The new voice messaging feature takes DMs further by allowing users to send each other short voice snippets which the recipient can then listen to inside of their DM thread.

The feature will appeal to anyone who wants to quickly communicate with their friend but doesn’t want to type out their messages ad nauseum.

Here’s How To Use Instagram’s New Voice Messages Feature

  1. In the Instagram app, tap the paper plane icon in the upper right corner.
  2. On the Direct messages screen that appears, select an existing DM thread or start a new one by tapping the + button.
  3. One the thread’s screen, look at the bottom text input field. You’ll see a microphone icon. When you want to record a message here, the secret is to tap and hold the microphone icon. Once you do it will immediately start recording. You need to hold the microphone icon for as long as you want to record for because the second you take your finger off of it, the recording will be stopped and be automatically sent to the recipient.
  4. However, while recording the message, should you decide you don’t want to send it, simply–and while still having your finger on the microphone icon–swipe to your left along the blue recording bar. This will trash the recording you were making for good. There is no way to get this recording back–so be sure you want to delete it.

Once you’ve recorded something and let go of the microphone icon the recording will be automatically sent. You or the recipient can play it directly in the message thread by tapping on the play icon on the recording’s chat bubble.