Here’s how you make your AirPods Discoverable, so you can connect them to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, PC, and select consoles – just not the Xbox, sadly…

The first thing you’ll want to do with your new AirPods as soon as you unbox them is to pair them with your iPhone (or Android phone – or whatever else you have in mind). And to do this you need to put the AirPods into discoverable mode.

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How To Make AirPods Discoverable

  • Put the AirPods inside the charging case
  • Once they’re inside, make sure the lid is still open (DO NOT CLOSE IT)
  • On the back of the charging case, you’ll see a “setup” button. Press it
  • After a few seconds, the status light should start flashing white
  • This means your AirPods are now discoverable

How To Pair Your AirPods With Non-Apple Products

From here, you’ll want to either pair your iPhone or iPad, or your Android phone – or whatever you’re pairing your AirPods with. AirPods will work fine with any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you can even connect them to your Windows PC (from Bluetooth settings) or even your HDTV.

Consoles are a different matter, however…

It’s possible to pair AirPods with a PS4 (see below), but if you’re using an Xbox you’re bang out of luck – Microsoft’s console does not support the required Bluetooth software and its controller does not allow you do use a workaround as you can on the PS4.

The PS4 and PS4 Pro are missing a couple of important connectivity elements too, so to connect your AirPods to your PS4, you’ll need to get one of these (it’s called the PS4 Wireless Bluetooth Dongle).

Once you have that, follow these steps to pair your AirPods with your PS4 and/or PS4 Pro:

  • Plug the Bluetooth Adapter Dongle into your PS4’s USB port.
  • Once it flashes blue, it’s ready to pair.
  • Open the AirPod’s case.
  • Press and hold the pairing button (the one on the back of the case)
  • The AirPods will now pair with the dongle and, by proxy, your PS4.

Now all you have to do is insert the 3.5mm adapter into your PS4 controller. This will cause a notification to pop up, click the affirmative, and your AirPods are now paired with your PS4.

How To Pair AirPods With Nintendo Switch

Like the PS4, the Nintendo Switch will pair with AirPods – you just need to buy a Bluetooth accessory in order to make it work. I have no idea why console makers have made it so tricky to pair wireless headphones to their respective systems, but them’s clearly the breaks right now.

How To Make AirPods DiscoverablePin

OK, in order to pair your AirPods to your Nintendo Switch, you’ll need the following: HomeSpot USB-C Transmitter. Once you have this, plug it into your Switch’s port – this accessory is designed exclusively for the Switch, so it fits and looks great when installed.

The HomeSpot USB-C Transmitter features Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm’s aptX codecs, which help with latency, and it also supports SBC which is what non-aptX headphones use. Basically, you’re covered for all eventualities with this little dongle.

And this is how you pair the HomeSpot USB-C Transmitter with the Nintendo Switch:

  • Connect the HomeSpot USB-C Transmitter into your Switch (use the USB Type C port)
  • Place AirPods in Charging Case (But Leave Case Open)
  • Press the button on the back of the charging case, while also holding down the left button on the HomeSpot USB-C Transmitter
  • Once you see a green light, your AirPods and Switch are connected

I know it’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but this workaround works great. The HomeSpot USB-C Transmitter is designed specifically with the Switch in mind, as noted earlier, so performance, once connected, is seamless. And you’ll only have to pair them once; it will remember the next time you boot up your Switch.

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