If you don’t want people you know showing up inside your Tinder results, you can block phone contacts from showing up – here’s how it is done…

Tinder is great for meeting new people but it is annoying when you bump into exes and/or family members (or people you know) on the platform. Fortunately, there is a way to block people you know from showing up inside your Tinder results. The feature is fairly new, so might not have heard about it. But it is called Block Contacts and in this guide, we’ll show you how to use it properly.

What is Tinder Block Contacts?

In order to access Tinder, you need a phone, of course. But what you don’t want is people you know or knew showing up in your Tinder results. It could be an ex or a family member. Even a friend. Most people like to keep their dating lives separate from their family and personal lives.

Tinder’s newly launched Block Contacts features lets you do just this. With Block Contacts, you simply share a list of contacts from your phone that you do not want to see inside Tinder and Tinder will ensure that these “blocked contacts” do not show up in your Tinder results, meaning no more awkward encounters with exes or family members while using the app.

How To Block Phone Contacts on Tinder

If you want to implement Tinder’s new Block Phone Contacts feature, follow the steps outlined below – it only takes a few moments:

  • Open the Tinder app
  • Tap the profile icon
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Scroll down and select “Block Contacts”
  • Grant Tinder permission to access your contacts
  • Under the “Contacts” tab, select people you want to avoid from your contacts
  • Tap “Block Contacts”

What if you don’t want to share your contacts with Tinder? Simple: you can manually add people that want blocking. This method is longer but it does allow you to be very specific with who you’re blocking on Tinder. To manually block phone contacts on Tinder, follow these steps:

  • Open the Tinder app
  • Tap the profile icon
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Scroll down and select “Block Contacts”
  • Tap the + icon at the top of the screen
  • Input this person’s contact info
  • Tap “Done”

Do Blocked Contacts Know They’ve Been Blocked?

If you’re worried that someone you know will find out that you’ve blocked them on Tinder, fear not – Tinder does not notify any of its users about being blocked. All it does is ensure that they no longer show up in your search, and vice versa. The only time you will see a blocked contact show up on Tinder is if they change their mobile phone number.

If this happens you’re only course of action is to add the new number, if you can get it, to your Tinder profile’s Blocked Contact list. Again, Tinder has NO control over when people change their number, so if you do see an ex or someone else pop up in your search, it isn’t because the Blocked Contacts feature doesn’t work, it is because they changed their phone number.

How To Unblock Contacts on Tinder

Is blocking contacts on Tinder reversible? Of course, it is! Here’s how you unblock a contact on Tinder:

  • Open the Tinder app
  • Tap the profile icon
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Scroll down and select “Block Contacts”
  • Navigate to the “Blocked” tab
  • Tap “Unblock” next to each blocked contact you wish to unblock

And that’s literally it. You now know everything you need to know about blocking and unblocking contacts on Tinder. If you need to know more about Tinder, make sure you check out our extensive Tinder Tips and Tricks Guide – it covers all the basics, how to get more dates and methods for making your profile more attractive to potential matches.

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