How To Update MagSafe Charger Firmware

Yes, your MagSafe charger needs updates, too. 

Wondering how to update MagSafe charger firmware? Or maybe you weren’t and had no idea your MagSafe charger even was capable of receiving updates? Well – surprise – it is. 

As a matter of fact, most advanced accessories (that is accessories that have some kind of software component on the device they are connected to) are capable of receiving firmware updates and will need them eventually. Here’s what you need to know:

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What Is Firmware?

Firmware is read-only software that is installed in hardware. Confusing, right? But firmware is essential to fixing hardware bugs, prolonging the life of the hardware, and sometimes even expanding the hardware’s usefulness.

Of course, most firmware updates aren’t anything to write home about. They mostly affect your device in ways you will never notice. A firmware update might fix a bug few people had, or it could slightly improve charging times or connection or specific hardware accessories, for example.

But while you may never notice the improvements a firmware update brings, you should always install them. Companies release firmware updates for their products for a reason, and that reason usually benefits you no matter if you realize it or not.

How do I Find Out What Firmware My MagSafe Charger Has?

All firmware has a version number – just software updates to apps or operating systems do. This version number tells you which version of the firmware your device has installed. You can then compare this number to the most recent firmware version number (say found online in a help article) to make sure your firmware is up to date.

Finding out which firmware your MagSafe Charger has is pretty easy. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Connect your MagSafe Charger to your iPhone. Make sure it is solidly connected to it. This is evident if you see the charging animation appear on the iPhone’s screen. If you see this, you are good to go.
  2. Now, open the Setting app on your iPhone.
  3. Tap General.
  4. Tap About.
  5. Scroll down a bit until you see “Apple MagSafe Charger” and tap it.
  6. On the Apple MagSafe Charger, you’ll see the firmware version listed. It is usually a series of numbers and letters mixed together.

Again, once you know your firmware number, you can compare it to see if you have the latest version.

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What Do MagSafe Charger Firmware Updates Do?

That’s the thing – no one knows what MagSafe Charger firmware updates do. Apple is in the habit of never revealing what their firmware updates do, so we just don’t know. The only way to find out what firmware updates do is to read anecdotal reports of changes people have noticed in their device after the MagSafe Charger firmware update is applied.

But many times, users just can’t tell what’s changed.

How to Update Your MagSafe Charger Firmware

The frustrating thing about Apple firmware updates for its accessories is that you can’t manually download them – you aren’t even notified that there is an update available. The only way you will know if there is a firmware update available for the MagSafe Charger is by reading a report online.

But even if you know there is a firmware update available, you can’t manually initiate it. The firmware update will download to your iPhone in good time, and only then will it transfer to your MagSafe Charger when the MagSafe Charger is connected to your iPhone and charging it.

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