Smartphones and tablets have improved dramatically in the last few years, so much so that people now consider them as a handy replacement for PCs.

Regardless of whether we are talking about iOS or Android, both major mobile operating systems now come with a very user-friendly interface, a wide range of productivity apps, and a slew of graphic-intensive games to keep you occupied throughout the day.

If you want to enjoy the mobile experience to its full extent, it is a must that you own a high-end Android smartphone or an iPhone. But, there is a problem – these top-specced handsets don’t come cheap (unless you go with something like the iPhone SE (2020).

In fact, you will need to shell out at least $700 to get your hands on a decent flagship model as OEMs typically sell them at ​more than twice their manufacturing costs​. And that means paying at least $1000 for the likes of a ​Galaxy S20​ or an iPhone 11 Pro.

To put things into perspective, we are talking about phones that cost as much, if not more, than most powerful PCs and laptops. Sure, smartphones are a lot more capable than they were a few years ago, but if you’re wondering if it’s worth investing $1000 on, the answer is a resounding no.

And fortunately for the majority of people, who don’t want to break the bank on a cell phone, refurbished phones can be a great alternative without having to settle for a no-name brand or a mediocre, budget model.

Now, What is a Refurbished Device?

Let’s say you bought a new gadget. But when it showed up at your door, it wasn’t anything like you were expecting, so you decide to do the obvious – return the product and get back the cash. Although you may only have used it for a couple of days, the manufacturer or retailer cannot sell these products as ‘new’ to other consumers.

It’s worth noting that the reason for return could range anywhere from small scratches to slightly serious hardware/software issues. However, that shouldn’t be a point of concern as the manufacturer or seller thoroughly inspects the device, fixes all the concerning issues, and then performs a complete reset before selling it as a refurb.

Refurbished phones may also refer to pre-owned handsets that have been sold by a user to a BuyBack company for money, usually to put towards a new handset. When the buyer inspects the phone they will decide if it can be sold on straight away as a pre-used phone or if it needs repair work done to refurbish it back to a working condition.

This is where a high volume of refurbished phones start their new life!

While browsing for refurbished phones or tablets, you may have come across labels that say ‘like new’, ‘excellent’, ‘very good’, etc.

It’s important to know what these tags mean before you make a purchase, as it could potentially save you a few bucks based on what you choose that fits your requirements.

For instance, if you wouldn’t mind spending a little extra on a refurb that looks brand new, then the ‘like new’ option is the right choice for you.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for dirt cheap deals on your dream smartphone and wouldn’t care if there are some minor scratches on the device, then you can choose among options like ‘excellent’, ‘very good’, and ‘good’ based on the budget you have.

Lower-grade refurbished phones should always still be fully functioning, their cosmetic appearance may just differ slightly. A lower grade iPhone is perfect as a starter phone for say a child for their birthday or Christmas.

Where to Find The Best Deals on Refurbs?

Refurbished gadgets can help you save a lot of money, but finding a reliable service that sells them is not easy – for starters, it will require a lot of reading and a lot of research.

If you’re not careful enough, you might end up paying a lot of money on something available cheaper elsewhere. Or, you could also come across something even worse and receive a faulty product that won’t turn on.

You will be surprised to find that different sellers charge different prices on the same refurbished phone model, and at times, the difference could be in the range of a few hundreds of dollars. So, how can a buyer ensure they are always getting the best deal?

And this is where reputable price comparison sites like SellCell comes in handy. SellCell is a well-known name in the gadget trade-in business, ensuring the best price for old gadgets, and they have recently introduced a new feature on their website that lets you buy refurbished phones and other electronics for great prices.

Just a quick search for your favorite model on SellCell brings up a list of refurb deals from a deluge of vetted partners, including Decluttr, UpTrade, ItsWorthMore, Amazon, and many more.

Furthermore, to get the right deals tailored for your needs, you also get the option to choose between carrier-locked and unlocked handsets, different storage and color options, and cosmetic conditions.

This saves the user hours of time looking for the best deals and ensures the user is only dealing with trustworthy, well-established brands. The best deal, offering the device at the lowest possible price, always appears at the top of the list.


Buying refurbished devices is a great way to save your hard-earned money, all while sticking to your brand of choice and model. If you’re buying refurbs directly from a manufacturer or carrier, you may not get the best deals in most cases, which is why we recommend checking out SellCell.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a ​refurbished iPhone​ or an Android handset, SellCell has your back; they also keep you up to date with the best deals on refurbished tablets and Mac computers, besides smartphones.