How Big is iPhone 8 Plus Compared To iPhone 11?

Is the iPhone 8 Plus smaller than the iPhone 11? We take a look at the size, height, and screen size of the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 11 to see how they compare…

In the last few years, the display sizes of Apple’s iPhones have changed dramatically. From the iPhone XS Max onwards, Apple has started catering to users that want larger displays. If you want something slightly smaller, you go for the other model. In the context of its iPhone 11 range, the iPhone 11 Pro.

You also have the iPhone 12 line-up to consider now, as well as the iPhone 13 later on in 2021.

We already have a post that details all the screen sizes of Apple’s current iPhones, so if you want to know how they all compare make sure you check that out first.

In this post, we’re going to be talking specifically about the iPhone 8 Plus, a phone that is still very popular, and looking at how it compares to the iPhone 11 – Apple’s 2020 entry-level model.

How Big is The iPhone 8 Plus?

Here are the exact dimensions for Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus:

  • iPhone 8 Plus Size & Height: 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm; 202 grams

How Big is The iPhone 11?

And here are the exact dimensions for Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus:

  • iPhone 11 Size & Height: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm; 194 grams

As can see from the above stats, the iPhone 8 Plus is not only longer and wider but also thicker and heavier than the iPhone 11. This is surprising to some because the iPhone 11 actually has a larger display than the iPhone 8 Plus (6.1in vs. 5.5in, respectively).

How Is The iPhone 8 Plus Bigger Than iPhone 11?

It’s actually pretty simple; the iPhone 11 does not have a home button – Apple did away with the home button on the iPhone X, adding in FACE ID for unlocking and a notch to house the sensors that power it.

This means all iPhones – save for the iPhone SE 2020 – released after the iPhone X have larger displays but overall smaller bodies.


The iPhone 8 Plus still uses TouchID and a home button and this technology do take up a fair amount of space at the bottom of the phone (as you can see in the above image).

Removing this button frees up almost an inch of space and allows for smaller phones with thinner designs. And that is why the iPhone 8 Plus, despite having a smaller display than the iPhone 11, is still a bigger phone with respect to height, width, and overall thickness.

Is This Size Disparity A Negative?

The iPhone 8 Plus takes up more room in your hand and your pocket than the iPhone 11. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

Obviously, this will depend entirely on your own personal tastes. Me personally, I never found Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus too unwieldy. I like its design, despite its age, and I think it still delivers a ton of value – even today, in 2020.

And the phone itself is now very affordable – like, less than $300 via Gazelle.

How Much Is The iPhone 8 Plus?

The iPhone 8 Plus is now a good few years old, so this means you can pick it up on a range of very cost-effective contracts, as you can see below. The iPhone 8 Plus, while older, will be supported by Apple for years to come too – you’ll be getting iOS updates until well into the mid-to-late 2020s.


For this reason, if you’re on a tighter budget, but still want an iPhone, the iPhone 8 Plus is still definitely a very good option. Going with an iPhone 8 Plus on contract, you’ll be able to access great data deals for much less a month than you would if you went with a newer model like the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Contract Offers & Deals

Obviously, with a newer iPhone like the iPhone 11, you’re going to get better performance with respect to its CPU, camera, battery life, and overall usability – the specs difference between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 8 Plus is huge. Apple’s A13 CPU is monumentally powerful, for instance, and its camera is far superior to the iPhone 8 Plus’.

Still, for value for money, the iPhone 8 Plus still makes for a great phone. If you just want a solid, reliable phone for web browsing, social media, taking snaps, and messaging and calls, the iPhone 8 Plus, with its great battery life and iconic design, is still one of the best phone experiences you can buy.

I have one that I got when it first came out and it still works great. I use it every time a new iOS lands and, during the years that I have owned it, it literally has not missed a single beat. I’ve had zero problems with it and the phone itself works as good as the day I unboxed it.

Still unsure which iPhone model is the best option for you? Check out our guide to the best iPhone you can buy right now – it covers all the latest models and which is best for certain types of users.

Or, if you want to save some money and run an older iPhone, check out our guide to buying refurbished iPhones – you’ll save around 40% going this route.

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