iPhone X changed the way not just iPhones look but all phones. It also changed how we interact with our phones by introducing the navigation gesture to the mass market. But that was six years ago, and Apple is saying goodbye to the device as it drops iPhone X from iOS 17 compatibility list. All phones older than iPhone X will not get the iOS 17 update!


  • iPhone X will not get the iOS 17 update.
  • iOS 16 will be the last version of iOS for iPhone X.
  • iPhone X will continue to get security updates and bug fixes. 

Will iPhone X Get Updated To iOS 17?

Apple announced iOS 17 to the world at the WWDC 2023 event. At the event, the Cupertino giant also revealed that some older iPhones will not get the iOS 17 update. Take a look at the iOS 17 compatibility list Apple published at the event:

Will iPhone X Get The iOS 17 Update?Pin

Unfortunately, iPhone X did not make the cut and iOS 16 will remain the last iOS version update iPhone X received.

Why Did Apple Drop Support For iOS 17 For iPhone X?

Given iPhone X was launched in 2017, 6 years back, it’s not surprising that Apple dropped it from the list of compatible devices. Apple provides the most software support among other manufacturers, supporting most of its phones for 6 or 7 years. Six years is the average number of years of support Apple has provided till now for its phones. This means Apple has to drop support eventually for its older devices as newer devices are launched.

Last year, when iOS 16 was announced, iPhones older than iPhone 8 did not cut. Given that we launched the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X in the same year, it was easy to predict that Apple would be cutting support for iPhone 8 series and iPhone X this year with iOS 17.

Dropping support for older iPhones is also essential for the users of these devices, as these newer features in iOS 17 require much more performance than the newer iPhones, which the older ones cannot provide. Apple had to cut some features from iOS 17 for iPhone 11 to be supported, so that you can imagine the fate of iPhones older than that. 

What Does This Mean For iPhone X?

Not getting iOS 17 update doesn’t mean your iPhone X is a paperweight. It will continue receiving security updates and bug fixes, so your device will not run on iOS 17. Apple is known to provide long-term security patches and bug fixes for even devices as old as ten years, so your device has no immediate security risk. 

But not running the latest version of iOS 17 means you will miss out on new iOS 17 features such as the new Facetime features, Contact posters, the new Journal app and more. 

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