Marques Brownlee (Kind of) Reviews Apple’s iPhone 11 Range…


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The iPhone 11 launch and release date are just around the corner – but that hasn’t stopped Marques Brownlee taking a look at some prototype iPhone 11 handsets…

What will Apple’s iPhone 11 handsets be like? Kind of like the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR – just with a proper ugly, square camera unit strapped to the back of it. This is essentially Marques Brownlee’s verdict on the design of Apple’s new iPhone 11 handsets.

You can see his full video here, where he takes a detailed look at some “prototype” builds of Apple’s incoming iPhone 11 range. The handsets DO NOT work, however. They’re merely design references designed to show the fit and finish of Apple’s new iPhones.

iPhone 11 Camera – Damn… You Ugly!


Apple’s iPhone 11 range will feature updated imaging capabilities. Next to Apple’s A13 chipset, this will be the range’s main event. Physically, the iPhone 11 range will look more or less identical to last year’s iPhones, save for that funky camera unit on the back.

But while the iPhone 11’s camera might be ugly, it serves a very important purpose. You see, Apple is bringing triple and dual-cameras to its 5.8in and 6.1in iPhones in 2019 and these new optics will enable better quality image capture AND video recording capabilities.

“A super-wide camera will be newly adopted by the triple-camera system,” said Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities, “which is equipped with the 12MP/1um CIS provided exclusively by Sony. The front camera of all three new iPhone models will likely upgrade to 12MP CIS+5P lens (vs. current 7MP CIS+4P lens).”

iPhone 11 To Feature Super-Wide Camera? Yeah… What’s That? 


Why is a super-wide camera important? Generally speaking, a super-wide camera improves the usability and applications for the camera. Packed-in on a busy street corner in Thailand and want to take a shot, capturing everything? You’ll need a super-wide camera to really do it justice.

Super-wide cameras are also great for shooting landscapes, capturing big, sprawling cityscapes. Basically, it captures MORE of what you’re seeing – more detail, more stuff – and this, combined with a decent image processor, helps you capture more impressive pictures on your phone.

It can also help with adding depth to images; say you’re on some steps, overlooking a beautiful city. With a super-wide camera, you can basically drill right down into the full scene, pulling information from the foreground and what’s in front of you. The net result is a more impressive composition.

Add in things like time-of-flight, a technology which allows for better depth-sensing, and your iPhone 11 camera is starting to edge ever closer to replacing your DSLR.

However, all of the above is mere speculation on my part. No one knows what the iPhone 11 will be like, other than very similar looking to 2018’s iPhones, or what Apple will do with its camera tech. Nevertheless, we 100% expect to see both super-wide cameras and time-of-flight tech inside the next batch of iPhones…

For everything else, make sure you check out our iPhone 11 Rumors Guide – it covers everything you’ll need to know ahead of the iPhone 11’s official launch later this year.

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