Keeping tabs on your site’s SEO via your iPhone is still pretty tricky, but there are some decent iPhone SEO apps out there that are pretty useful…

If you want to do proper SEO analysis and research, you’re still going to have to do it on your PC or Mac.

All the leading SEO tools – SEMrush, Ahrefs, Majestic – DO NOT have iPhone apps available.

This has been the case ever since day one, and while there are plenty of arguments about why this sucks…

I mean, SEMRush for iPad would be amazing. But we likely won’t see any changes in this regard in the near future.

And that means, at least for now, you’re stuck with a rather meagre selection of SEO apps for iPhone.

Used in the right context, however, some of these apps are actually pretty useful.

Here are our current picks for 2021…

Best SEO Apps For iPhone (And iPad)

The Best SEO Apps For iPhone: 2021’s #1 Essential Tools…Pin

1. SEO Automatic

For checking your on-page SEO on the fly, SEO Automatic is a very handy SEO tool for iPhone (and iPad).

With SEO Automatic installed on your phone, you can quickly grab details on your on-page SEO, the code of your site, and it’ll even make suggestions where you can improve things.

And best of all, SEO Automatic does all this in less than 45 seconds. You have a free and paid option when it comes to SEO Automatic.

Me? I’d go with the $9.99 version – it has way more useful features.


2. Analytics Pro

The Google Analytics app for iPhone is great (and 100% free). But what if you want more information? What if you want ALL that lovely GA data presented in a nicer manner? That’s where Analytics Pro comes in.

Priced at $5.99, Analytics Pro displays all your most important GA data in an easy-to-understand environment. It uses the same data as GA, but it presents it in a completely different – and better – manner.

This makes core data easier to digest and analyze. If you’re tired of Google Analytics for iPhone and you want something more, well… Pro, then Analytics Pro could be just what you’ve been looking for.


3. WordPress App

Since the release of Gutenberg, editing posts and even designing new pages inside the WordPress app has gotten a lot easier. If you run a WordPress blog, it is well worth having thing WordPress app installed on your iPhone and iPad.

With the WordPress app, you can edit and publish content, update settings, add plugins, and configure all aspects of your blog or site.

In my experience, the WordPress app for iOS works best on iPad. Having a larger display – as well as things like a keyboard and mouse support – makes doing things a lot easier.

It’s still very useable on iPhone, but it does work a lot better on the iPad’s larger display.



UDEMY is not an SEO app per se but with a UDEMY account, you can quickly learn all about SEO.

UDEMY is a learning portal and it has a ton of courses dedicated solely to things like SEO, keyword research, conversion rate optimization, and more.

As any SEO worth their salt will tell you, the game is always changing. SEO evolves every year.

In order to stay on top of these developments, you need to remain in a constant state of evolution. And UDEMY is a great tool for learning and acquiring new skills.


5. Hootsuite

If you run a blog or a website, you’ll have social media channels. That’s a given. Managing said social media channels, however, is another thing entirely.

Hootsuite is an exceptional social media management tool that lets you schedule and manage posts, track brand mentions across all social platforms, and basically do all of your social media marketing from one place.

Social media isn’t technically SEO, but as everybody knows: social media plays a huge role in improving the visibility of your brand, so in this respect, social media management is very much a discipline all SEOs need to focus more on.


Wrapping Up…

As noted in the intro, performing professional SEO on your iPhone is still kind of limited.

If you want to do things like keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, and run site audits, you’re going to need a desktop application like SEMRush.

This is just a given.

And as far as I’m aware, SEMRush and the other big players in the SEO tools markets have no plans on releasing mobile versions of their tools.

This means, when it comes to doing SEO on your iPhone, you’re limited to a mere handful of applications.

This could change in the coming years, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

On a personal note, I kind of couldn’t imagine doing proper SEO on a small screen anyway.

With SEMRush, you have so much data to look at, you kind of need a big screen. Or two, in my case!

Transposing a tool like SEMRush to the small screen would be extremely tricky too, given its layout and functionality.

And it’d cost A LOT of money too.

For this reason, I do understand why we do not have iPhone apps of the big three SEO tools.

Not used SEMRush? It is outstanding! And you can get a FREE trial of the tool here.