iOS 9: 12 AWESOME Features You Might Have Missed...

Features 17:04, 2 Oct 2015

iOS 9 is packed with hidden features. Here are our favorites!

Nexus 5X & Nexus 6P (2015) Launching End Of September

News 11:10, 2 Oct 2015

Google reveals the new Nexus 5X as well as the Nexus 6P phablet

Google Announces Pixel C

News 15:05, 1 Oct 2015

Google reveals transforming tablet-laptop hybrid - the Android Marshmallow based Pixel C

iPhone 6s’ Live Photos Explained

Features 08:01, 25 Sep 2015

Everything you need to know about Apple's new Live Photos camera feature

10 Points On Apple's MASSIVE iPad Pro: Does Big Mean Clever?

Features 13:06, 24 Sep 2015

The most surprising things about the iPad Pro are...

iOS 9.1 Update: What To Expect From Apple's Next Installment

Features 09:28, 24 Sep 2015

Everything we know about iOS 9.1

Apple iPad Air 3 Specs & Details Emerge

News 12:37, 17 Sep 2015

Apple may be prepping an iPad Air 3 according to new rumours

Apple Launches iPad Mini 4 With ZERO Fanfare

News 13:30, 16 Sep 2015

Apple announced a new iPad Mini 4 at the iPhone 6s launch event but didn't exactly wax lyrical about it

Say, HELLO, To The iPad Pro!

News 16:21, 11 Sep 2015

The iPad Pro is now official. It's big and it comes with a stylus called the Apple Pencil

The iPad Pro Will Reportedly Cost A Bloody FORTUNE

News 11:42, 8 Sep 2015

Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro will be pretty pricy, according to a new report

Netflix VS Amazon Prime Instant Video

Vs 13:17, 3 Sep 2015

The UK's two major video streaming services face off!

All The Best iPad Apps For 2015 In One Place

Reviews 19:05, 27 Aug 2015

Got an iPad and not sure what apps to download? Check out our pick of the best apps...

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Five KILLER Features Detailed

Features 14:50, 25 Aug 2015

Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 isn't coming to the EU and UK for now, which makes us sad - for everyone else here are its top five features

Qualcomm's Next-Gen Snapdragon 820 Sounds INSANE

News 15:24, 5 Aug 2015

Despite a recent feud, Samsung and Qualcomm are in cahoots to bring you the Snapdragon 820

ALL The Tech Star Trek Correctly Predicted In The 1960s

Features 12:38, 5 Aug 2015

How the heck did the creators of the original Star Trek accurately predict almost ALL the technology we’d be using 40 years later?

Windows Phone is DEAD. Windows 10 NOW LAUNCHED

News 13:06, 3 Aug 2015

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10...wait, what? Microsoft skips a beat with new platform announcement

Samsung Announces 10nm Semiconductor Tech Production Plans

News 15:28, 24 Jul 2015

Samsung reveals its ambitious plans to add 10nm semiconductor production to its chip-making facilities

Microsoft Send Brings Messaging To Office 365

News 16:01, 23 Jul 2015

Microsoft has announced Send, a new app which brings IM features to the firm's email client

HiSense Sero 8 Pro Review: iPad-Like Design For £99

Reviews 12:35, 21 Jul 2015

The HiSense Sero 8 Pro delivers Apple-like design on a budget... but there are some pretty hefty caveats

Sony Mobile Division Will "Never" Be Sold

News 12:18, 7 Jul 2015

Sony will never sell its mobile division, according to the firm's mobile business chief