Does any iPad have wireless charging like the iPhone?

Wondering does iPad have wireless charging? Let’s investigate…

Wireless charging has become a standard on most flagship smartphones. Android devices started adding them first, and then Apple began adding wireless charging to its 2017 and later iPhones. Right now, most of the iPhones Apple sells include wireless charging

This includes the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 12 and more. And if you have an iPhone 12 or above, it not only supports wireless charging but MagSafe wireless charging.

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Wireless Charging Benefits

There are many benefits to wireless charging – the most prominent being you don’t need to plug a cable into your phone to charge it. This is especially helpful if your charging port often gets clogged on your phone, which can prevent charging.

Another nice thing about wireless charging is that most chargers use the Qi wireless charging standard, which means most Qi accessories are compatible with most phones capable of wireless charging. Of course, some phones may use a different standard.

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Wireless Charging Still Isn’t Truly “Wireless”

But one big bummer about wireless charging is that the term is a bit misleading. Wireless charging suggests a device can be charged over the airwaves, much like the device received an internet connection from a wireless router.

But for devices, wireless charging should really be thought of as “conductive charging” because the device will need to be physically placed on some kind of charging pad to charge wirelessly. And that charging pad needs to be plugged in via some kind of wire to a power source – like a wall charger.

So what wireless charging on a smartphone does is actually just eliminate the need to plug a wire into a device itself to charge it. But the charging pad still needs to be plugged into a charging source in order to power the pad, which then transmits its power to the device via conductive touch.

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Will We Ever Have True Wireless Charging?

I hope so. Researchers are working on it, but true wireless charging – that is, the ability for devices to receive a charge via some kind of wireless or radio signal – is probably decades away at best. 

Until then, we’ll just have to be content with the charging pad-based wireless charging that we have today.

Does iPad Have Wireless Charging?

When it comes to Apple’s tablets, none of the iPads that Apple sells have any kind of wireless charging – MagSafe or otherwise. This means that, as of 2021, every iPad ever made needs to be plugged in by its cable to charge.

However, Apple is rumored to be working on wireless charging for the iPad – and it could come as early as next year (2022) – at least to some iPad models. Here’s what Bloomberg reported in June 2021:

“For the new [2022] Pro model, the switch to a glass back is being tested, in part, to enable wireless charging for the first time. Making the change in material would bring iPads closer to iPhones, which Apple has transitioned from aluminum to glass backs in recent years.”


Bloomberg usually has pretty accurate reports on future Apple products, so wireless charging could indeed be coming to the iPad soon. However, as Bloomberg notes, only the iPad Pro is expected to get wireless charging in 2022.

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