Amazon Kindle Tablet will be biggest Android slate by close of 2011

News Richard Goodwin 18:30, 14 Sep 2011

Amazon will shift two million Kindle Tablets before the close of 2011, says a Barclays analyst

Amazon’s Honeycomb-powered Kindle Tablet is all set for a Q4 release date and while there’s no official release date in place, analysts are predicting big things - 2 to 5 million will be shipped before the close of the year.

The news comes via BGR, which reports that, ‘Barclays analyst Anthony DiClemente offered up what is seemingly a more realistic sales projection than prior estimates: 2 million units in 2011.’

Forrester went even further, though, suggesting Amazon could very well ship five million before the close of the year. Earlier claims from additional analyst firms have ranged from two million to four million - Forrester is currently way out in front with its predictions.

Either way, it’s looking increasing likely that many experts have a lot of high-hopes for Amazon’s first Android Honeycomb-powered tablet device. But are they justified in the confidence?

In a word: yes. Amazon is nearly as big a deal as Apple in the retail world. It’s reach across markets on a global scale cannot be doubted and the success of its Kindle eReader is empirical proof of this.

But the big cheeses at Amazon aren’t stupid - they’ve got to get the pricing right. And if early reports of a sub-$250 tablet device are true, we think they might just have hit the nail on the head.

$250 undercuts Apple, Motorola, Samsung and RIM by quite a bit - as much as 50 per cent in some instances - and while price-points don’t seem to matter to Apple, they certainly do to manufacturers that are bringing new technology to market.

‘DiClemente thinks adoption of Amazon’s affordable tablet will remain solid next year,’ says BGR, ‘with 6.4 million devices expects to sell in 2012 - and as sales climb into the high single-digit millions, Amazon’s tablet could become the top-selling Android tablet in the segment’s short history.’

‘The analyst also believes Amazon’s 10-inch offering will become a reality next year, and Amazon will sell 1.5 million units on top of sales of its 7-inch slate.’

What do you think? Can Amazon apply its successes with its Kindle device to a tablet venture?

Answers on a postcard.

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