How Do I Watch Major League Baseball On Apple TV+?

Friday night baseball games are coming to Apple’s streaming service. Here’s how to watch them all via Apple TV+

Wondering how you can watch Major League Baseball on Apple TV? Lots of people are ever since Apple announced Major League Baseball was coming to its streaming service.

Earlier this month, Apple held its first product launch event of 2022. The Spring event was mainly dedicated to hardware: a new Mac Studio computer, a new Apple Studio Display, a 3rd generation iPhone SE, and more. 

However, at the event, Apple also announced a big update for their services–specifically their Apple TV+ streaming service. Apple announced that “Friday Night Baseball” games would be coming to Apple TV+.

But just what is “Friday Night Baseball” and do all Apple TV subscribers get access to it? Read on…

How Do I Watch Major League Baseball On Apple TV+?Pin

What Is “Friday Night Baseball” On Apple TV+?

“Friday Night Baseball” is the name Apple has given to the deal it’s worked out with Major League Baseball to show some of its games on the Apple TV+ streaming service. It encompasses a weekly doubleheader game as well as live pre-and post-shows. Apple says fans can watch “marquee games on Friday nights, free from local broadcast restrictions.”

The games will start when the regular season of Major League Baseball begins.

What About Baseball Shows?

But in addition to a weekly doubleheader, Apple has also won the right to air shows surrounding the games and Major League Baseball. Specifically, it will have a show called “MLB Big Inning” that offers highlights and “look-ins” every night during the Major League Baseball season. “MLB Big Inning” will be a live show.

Why Is Apple Doing This?

One word: subscribers. Though Apple TV+ is frequently lauded for the quality of its content, it doesn’t have much of said content. That’s why it’s one of the smallest streaming services when it comes to subscriber numbers. Right now the likes of Disney, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are wiping the floor when it comes to subscriber numbers.

So how does Apple differentiate its offerings? Until the company can produce enough original content to build up its library, the easiest way to get new content quickly is by striking sports deals, which also come with the added benefit that sports already has a massive fanbase, especially baseball in select countries.

Bringing Major League Baseball to Apple TV+ will help rope in subscribers who haven’t paid Apple TV+ any attention yet.

Apple TV+ is Apple’s answer to Netflix and like Netflix and Amazon Prime, to access it you need to subscribe. But is Apple TV+ freePin

While Major League Baseball On Apple TV+ Cost Money?

Apple says that at first, all “Friday Night Baseball” games will be free – even to those without an Apple TV+ subscription. But that deal only lasts for a limited time. Then you’ll need an Apple TV+ subscription to watch its MLB content. An Apple TV+ subscription costs just $4.99.

Where Will “Friday Night Baseball” On Apple TV+ Be Available?

Apple says its Major League Baseball content will be available in eight countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The company says more countries will be added at a later date.

What Devices Can I Watch “Friday Night Baseball” On Apple TV+ On?

Apple Major League Baseball content will be available on all devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and the web at tv.apple.com. It will also be available on third-party devices that have the Apple TV app.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Major League Baseball seems pretty excited about the deal. Noah Garden, MLB’s chief revenue officer, said:

“Apple is the ideal partner to bring ‘Friday Night Baseball’ to fans around the world. Following milestones like the launch of At Bat on day one of the App Store in 2008 to the integration of Apple technology in ballparks across the country, this robust new game package is the perfect next collaboration in our long history of offering quality and innovative content to our fans. With national availability and international reach, MLB on Apple TV+ offers an exciting new platform to fans that allows a wider audience to connect with the game.”

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