Apple TV

What is Apple TV+? 

Apple TV+ is Apple’s answer to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Apple TV+ is a streaming platform that is available on iPhone, Mac, iPad, and iPod, as well as an app for most TVs, consoles, and streaming sticks. To access Apple TV+ you pay a monthly fee, just like with Netflix, only Apple TV+ is actually cheaper than Netflix. 

Apple TV+ doesn’t have nearly as much content as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video but Apple is investing billions in the platform and it already has one Oscar-winning film on its books, CODA, as well a host of brilliant TV shows like Ted Lasso and Foundation. 

Is Apple TV+ worth it? Have a look at all our Apple TV+ content below which includes user guides, news about upcoming Apple TV+ shows and movies, and tips and tricks on how to use Apple TV+ in your home, and find out if Apple TV+ is for you… 

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