Many young gamers are aspiring to become successful Twitch streamers when they grow up but is there a minimum age that you need to be before you can begin your career? Let’s investigate…

An exponentially growing number of young gamers have had a keen eye on their favourite streamers and professional gamers in recent years, owing to platforms such as Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Gaming and, of course, YouTube.

Being able to make a career out of playing games has become a dream for so many children and adults alike, who will be wanting to get started on this goal as soon as possible.

And when all you need to start is a computer and a decent(ish) webcam (we really, really love these webcams), it’s easy to get carried away thinking you’re going to be the next Ninja.

But if you’re super-young, like under the age of 15 you might want to slow your roll…

Why? Simple: there are strict age restrictions associated with registering a Twitch account.

In this article, we explain the minimum age requirements that are in place by Twitch, which ultimately control when a young gamer is able to begin their Twitch streaming career.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Stream On Twitch?

Is There A Minimum Age To Be Able To Stream On Twitch?Pin

To create an account and begin streaming on Twitch, users must be at least 13 years of age, no matter what category they intend to stream in or even watch.

When you create an account, even if you plan to just watch other streamers and not stream yourself, you have to agree to Twitch’s terms and conditions, which include these minimum age restrictions.

While you do not have to prove that you are over the age of 13 in order to create an account, you will have to verify your age if you are suspected of being underage.

Simply suggesting that you are under 13, even as a joke, will result in your Twitch account being suspended. You will not be able to use this account again until you have sent the appropriate documents to Twitch to verify your age.

If you try to create an alternative account to bypass your account suspension, you run the risk of having your IP address blacklisted, which will mean you won’t be able to stream on Twitch even after you’re of the permitted age.

Does Twitch Have Age Restrictions On Particular Categories?

To stream a particular game on Twitch, you need to meet the age requirements set by the developers of that game. For example, to stream Grand Theft Auto V, you must be 18 to even buy the game in the first place.

In other sections, such as “Just Chatting,” “Music,” and “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches,” it is up to the broadcaster to impose any necessary age limits. New viewers may be warned that the broadcast is for a mature audience if the streamer so chooses.

If you’re a parent or guardian and you want to know more about the content on Twitch and the age requirements that are associated with creating an account or streaming, you can find all the information you need on the Twitch website.

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