If you just got a new iPhone, there certainly should be data that you have to transfer to a new iPhone from your previous one. Apple manufactures iPhones in such a way that data cannot be transferred via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mediums as the Androids do.

Therefore, if you are going to transfer data between iPhones, you have to follow the methods provided by Apple. These are going to be looked into in this article.

How To Prepare Your Previous iPhone For Data Transfer

Before you can carry out data transfer to a new iPhone, there are some things you should first do:

  • Ensure you backup your data on iCloud and iTunes
  • Ensure you know your Apple ID and password
  • Unpair other Apple gadgets like the Apple Watch.

Easy Ways To Transfer Data To A New iPhone

Afterward, you’re ready to transfer data to your new iPhone. Apple recommends three primary means of data transfer, which includes:

  • QuickStart
  • iCloud
  • iTunes

Let’s look at them one by one.

Method 1: Use Quick Start

It is pretty easy to transfer data using QuickStart.

To get started, apply the steps below:

  1. Launch the new iPhone and place it close to your old device and switch on the Bluetooth connection. The QuickStart screen will display on your old device; Then, you can click on continue.
  2. Place the old iPhone over the new iPhone once an animation appears on the screen.
  3. Target the animation with the viewfinder. A prompt – Finish on New [Device] – will be displayed. Alternatively, you can tap on Authenticate manually if you can’t use the viewfinder due to camera issues.
  4. Enter the password of your Apple ID on the new iPhone when prompted.
  5. Set up Face ID and Touch ID as prompted
  6. Select the data you wish to transfer. You can also transfer device settings for gadgets like the Apple Watch, Siri, Apple Pay, and Privacy options.

Method 2: Use iCloud

To transfer data to a new iPhone with iCloud, you need to firstly backup all data on your old iPhone to your iCloud account. Also, you would need a Wi-Fi network.

If you’re set, apply the steps below:

  • Launch your new iPhone to the Hello screen
  • Select and connect to your Wi-Fi network
  • Follow the onscreen instructions till you get to the Apps and Data screen
  • Select restore from iCloud backup and login to your iCloud account with your ID and password
  • Select the data backup you intend to transfer (if your iPhone backs up to iCloud automatically, you should choose the most recent file backup)
  • Sign in to your iTunes and App Store account if prompted or you can skip
  • Wait for the data transfer process to complete.

Note: If your iPhone has been launched already, you can head over to Settings and restore the iCloud backup.

Method 3: Use iTunes

You can transfer data to your new iPhone from the old one via iTunes backup. For this process, you’ll need a Mac or PC where the data is backed-up and also an iOS USB cable. Just like transferring using iCloud, you’ll need data as well.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Launch your new iPhone to the Hello screen
  2. Select and connect to your Wi-Fi network
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions till you arrive at the Apps and Data screen
  4. Select restore from Mac or PC
  5. Connect your new iPhone to your Mac or PC using the USB cable
  6. Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC and select your new iPhone from the left pane
  7. Click on ‘Restore Backup on iTunes’ and choose the backup file you wish to transfer (Take note of the date and file size if it’s the most recent). A password will be required if the backup is encrypted.
  8. Wait for the data transfer process to finish and complete the process on your new iPhone.

Note: These steps will work with Finder too.

Final Note

It is an easy task to transfer data to a new iPhone from an old one. You can quickly do this by using QuickStart, iCloud, or iTunes as earlier mentioned.

As long as the data on your old iPhone is backed up, you can restore it on any iPhone using your Apple ID and password. It will only require internet connection and time to complete the data transfer process, depending on the size of the backup files.

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