How To Access Old Reddit – The #1 [Simplest] Method

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 09/19/19 •  4 min read

Prefer old Reddit to the new Reddit design? No problem – you can still access old Reddit, you just have to know the right way to do it…

When a site as big as Reddit issues a system-wide design update, it’s always going to cause problems.

Users get used to something, learn to love it, and then when it’s changed, they lose their minds (which is par for the course in most reddit politics subreddits)

When Reddit updated the design of its site, replacing the old Reddit design with a more modern-looking UX, people were not happy. They hated the new design and wanted Old Reddit back.

Hate New Reddit? Want Old Reddit Back? No Problem…

There is a really simple way of getting old Reddit back – just click this link (it’ll take you to a site called – essentially, it’s the old version of Reddit before the UX change. Once you’ve opened the link, you’ll be confronted by old Reddit in all its glory.

this is what old reddit looked like before the design change
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Once you’re inside Old Reddit, it works just like before. You have a list of all your subreddits up top, on the left. Your profile details in the top right, and all the most recent posts from Reddit in the central portion of the screen. Using old Reddit removes all the new UX features of the latest Reddit design, a design that many hardcore users aren’t too happy about.

Why Don’t People Like The New Reddit?

Is peoples’ disdain for the new-look Reddit simply down to them not liking change, or is there more to it? Obviously, the best place to find the answer to this question is Reddit itself. Here’s a collection of just a few of the comments made by Reddit members post design switch.

I Actually Don’t Mind New Reddit…

Controversial point, I know. But I don’t mind the new Reddit. I tend to use Reddit mostly on my phone, though, so that probably has something to do with it. Similarly, Reddit has now fixed a lot of the initial issues/bugs that affected the redesign, tweaking elements and improving overall performance.

Still, if you still positively HATE the new Reddit, at least you can switch on over to the old Reddit with just a simple click.

old reddit
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