How To Enable Dark Mode In Reddit (Simple Method)

Use Reddit? Wanna Use Reddit Dark Mode? No Problem – This is How You Enable It…

How To Switch On Reddit Night Mode

  1. Open Reddit And Click On Your Profile (Top Right Corner)
  2. A Bunch of Settings Should Appear
  3. See The Night Mode one? Click It.
  4. Congrats, You’re Viewing Reddit In Dark Mode

Night Mode For Reddit – AKA The #1 Most Requested Feature

Twitter introduced Dark Mode way back in 2017 and Reddit fans have been clamoring for it ever since. Reddit eventually gave in and introduced Night Mode for Reddit in 2018, though implementing it wasn’t exactly easy…

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“Before starting work on Night Mode, we had to fix the way that we handled colors in our application. We needed to update our system of colors to be more unified across the site, removing ad-hoc colors, providing access to the colors in every product surface, and setting up the website to support multiple color themes,” said Reddit via a blog post.

It added: “This effort touched more than 5000 lines of code and allowed us to remove a net 1500 lines of no longer necessary code! This will also make changing colors going forward a lot easier since we only have to update them in one place.”

Need more info on Reddit? Check out our detailed resource up on getting started with Reddit.

Night Mode? Dark Mode? It’s All Good (For Your Eyes)

The main reason why more and more applications and mobile platforms are doing Dark Mode isn’t just because it looks cool. No, the main reason is to make browsing and consuming media less harsh on your eyes. Bright white pages can be fairly nasty, especially in low-light, so dark mode, now available on Android and iOS, makes viewing content and apps more comfortable.

And if you have a phone with an OLED display it will save you battery life. How? Simple: dark pixels don’t require any power on OLED displays, so when 70% of the display is black, you can save quite a bit of battery life throughout the day.

The only downside is that you need an OLED phone to harness the battery-saving benefits of dark mode.

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