Nubia – a ZTE brand – announced a slew of new phones at MWC 2024, including the foldable Nubia Flip 5G, a dedicated gaming phone, and more…

You might not have heard of Nubia. But you definitely will in the coming weeks and months because the ZTE-owned brand just blew the roof of MWC 2024 with a slew of awesome-looking Android-powered phones. 

There’s foldable phones, gaming phones, flagship phones – something for everybody essentially. And the best part? They all look legitimately interesting and that is no mean feat for a smaller brand in today’s hyper-competitive market. 

Enough preamble, let’s get to the good stuff: Nubia’s new lineup of phones for 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about each new model announced at MWC 2024. 

Nubia 2024 Phone Lineup

Nubia Focus 5G Pro and Focus 5G

Nubia Phones 2024: ZTE Brand Takes MWC 2024 By Storm Pin

The Nubia Focus 5G Pro and Focus 5G both emphasize advanced camera capabilities, with the Focus 5G Pro boasting an impressive 108MP dual-camera system. 

This gives photographers a high-resolution main camera paired with a telephoto lens, providing up to 5x optical zoom and 10x hybrid zoom. 

ZTE touted innovative technologies like an in-sensor zoom feature that allows for lossless zoom by shifting pixels directly on the camera sensor.

Both Focus models also offer RAW shooting modes for night and HDR photography, giving users more flexibility when editing images. 

The phones can record 4K video with 3D noise reduction. Photo enthusiasts will appreciate the granular control and editing options enabled by shooting in RAW format. 

The Focus 5G Pro’s telephoto lens and zoom capabilities give it an edge for versatility in shooting landscapes, architecture, or wildlife.

On the downside, a dual-camera setup doesn’t provide the ultra-wide perspectives that triple or quad camera arrays offer. 

The lack of optical image stabilization may also be a drawback for video. But overall, the Focus series delivers robust camera specs and pro-style controls at mid-range price points.

Nubia Flip 5G 

Nubia Phones 2024: ZTE Brand Takes MWC 2024 By Storm Pin

Nubia’s new Flip 5G foldable smartphone offers a futuristic form factor enabled by a durable hinge design that Nubia claims can withstand over 200,000 flips. 

The interior screen provides an expansive 6.8″ diagonal display when unfolded. Apps seamlessly transition between the cover and inner screens, and Nubia developed solutions to prevent creasing on the foldable AMOLED display.

The exterior screen is much narrower but remains useful for notifications and alerts. Some may find the flipped form factor cumbersome for making calls or capturing selfies. 

But the Flip 5G delivers a more portable large-screen experience compared to typical slab smartphones. It’s powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, promising smooth performance.

Nubia Music

Nubia Phones 2024: ZTE Brand Takes MWC 2024 By Storm Pin

Audiophiles are the target users for the Nubia Music smartphone. It packs enhanced volume capacity for undistorted sound at high volumes. Dual 3.5mm headphone jacks allow users to share music. 

The AI Volume GTO algorithm evaluates the audio signal to optimize volume output across frequencies. Physical buttons for volume are placed prominently on the top edge. 

The speakers are positioned on each end for stereo separation.

The focus on volume may appeal to users who want an unbridled audio experience, but it sacrifices some portability. And the dual headphone jacks are only useful if you frequently share music from your phone. But for analog audio lovers, the Music model provides an intriguing option. 

Nubia Neo 2 5G 

Nubia Phones 2024: ZTE Brand Takes MWC 2024 By Storm Pin

Gamers are catered to with the Nubia Neo 2 5G and its set of capacitive trigger buttons along each edge that can be mapped to on-screen actions. 

The 6.7″ FHD+ display provides a crisp and responsive 120Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals in supported games. 

The Snapdragon 888 chipset delivers plenty of processing power. And the large 6000mAh battery should enable extended gameplay.

While PC and console gaming still dominates for serious gamers, mobile gaming is massively popular. 

The trigger buttons give the Neo 2 5G an advantage in fast-paced games requiring quick reflexes. The display and processor allow for immersive graphics and gameplay. 

The battery life enables longer sessions for gamers on the go. For casual and hardcore mobile gamers alike, the Neo 2 5G packs powerful capabilities in a portable form factor.

Release Date & Pricing

Nubia will confirm pricing and release dates for each of the phones in the coming weeks. But we do know for a fact that the Nubia Flip 5G will retail for $599.99, making it around half the price of Samsung’s foldable phones. Shots fired? You bet.

Whether the phone can match Samsung’s quality remains to be seen. But the fact that we now have a foldable phone that is kind of accessible with respect to price is definitely news-worthy.

Here’s a full breakdown of how much each new Nubia phone costs:

  • Nubia Focus 5G Pro: Starting price at $399 USD.
  • Nubia Focus 5G: Starting price at $199 USD.
  • Nubia Flip 5G: Starting price at $599 USD.
  • Nubia Music: No word on pricing just yet – expected range $299 to $399.
  • Nubia Neo 2 5G: Starting price at $199 USD.

ZTE has confirmed that this new batch of Nubia phones will be targeted at the following markets: Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. Bad look, America! Looks like ZTE is not bringing its new line of smartphones to the US market any time soon.

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