iPhone 15 Price Comparison – What The Leaks Say…

How much will the iPhone 15 cost? What about the Pro and Pro Max? Will the iPhone 15 Ultra price dwarf them all? Let’s find out…

With the iPhone 14 series now officially out in the wild, all eyes have turned to what Apple has in store for us in 2023 with its iPhone 15 line-up of phones. Next year’s iPhones could be very different to what came before as well with talk of new models, brand new features, and new price points.

Will There Be An iPhone 15?

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With the iPhone 15, we’re potentially looking at a complete rejigged lineup of phones inside Apple’s iPhone 15 series. The iPhone 15 Plus could be axed and so too could the iPhone 15 Pro Max in favor of the iPhone 15 Ultra and a slimmed-down lineup of iPhones.

If this does happen – and we’re not saying it will – Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup would look something like this:

  1. iPhone 15
  2. iPhone 15 Pro and/or Pro Max
  3. iPhone 15 Ultra

Of course, it is possible that Apple will keep things as they are and simply add the iPhone 15 Ultra on at the end. If that happened, the 2023 iPhone line-up would look like this:

  1. iPhone 15
  2. iPhone 15 Plus
  3. iPhone 15 Pro
  4. iPhone 15 Pro Max
  5. iPhone 15 Ultra

That looks pretty bloated, though, doesn’t it? Five iPhone models? Considering not so long ago Apple only ever release one or two phones a year, jumping to five separate models for 2023 doesn’t sound too plausible. I don’t even think there is demand for this number of iPhone models either.

Apple’s Mini series failed, for instance, and it looks like the renewed Plus series inside its iPhone 14 range is going the same way. People seem to either want the Pro model iPhone or the base model iPhone. No one seems too fussed about the supplementary models – in this context, the Plus or the Mini versions.

What would make more sense, given that Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus is selling poorly and demand for its Pro models is overtaking demand for the base model iPhone 14, would be a simplified iPhone 15 lineup, one that basically just gives the people what they really want: a cheap iPhone, an expensive iPhone, and a REALLY expensive iPhone.

iPhone 15 Price Comparison – How Much Will They Cost?

There’s already loads of iPhone 15 news and leaks doing the rounds, but what do we know about Apple’s plans for pricing inside its iPhone 15 range – will they be more expensive? How much will the iPhone 15 Ultra cost if, indeed, Apple releases one? Let’s investigate…

Speculating on the price of Apple’s iPhone 15 range, What HiFi has made the following predictions:

iPhone 15: $799
iPhone 15 Plus: $999
iPhone 15 Pro: $1099
iPhone 15 Ultra: $1299

Meanwhile, Phone Arena has other ideas – specifically, its reckons the iPhone 15 series will be cheaper than expected. Here’s a breakdown of its predictions about how much the iPhone 15 will cost:

iPhone 15: $799
iPhone 15 Plus: $899
iPhone 15 Pro: $1099
iPhone 15 Ultra: $1199

Apple Insider was more cautious about its predictions for the iPhone 15’s price, citing market trends and potential new storage variants as chief drivers of price increases:

Apple didn’t deviate from its usual pricing structure for iPhone 14, and as long as the economy doesn’t drastically change, it could do the same in 2023.

Apple could introduce a new storage tier at 2TB for the iPhone to make space for its increasingly demanding features like ProRes video. That could bring an iPhone’s price dangerously close to $2,000. Also, “iPhone 15 Fold” would be sold as an ultra-premium model and likely start at around $1,499.

Want to know more about Apple’s plans for 2023? Check out our dedicated iPhone 15 Resource hub – it covers literally everything you need to know…

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